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Victor Model Products is closing

In 1975, George Dornis set out to bring model RC boating to the world. He accomplished that and much more. It is with heavy hearts that after more than four decades of bringing joy into people’s lives we must say goodbye as we close our doors. We’re proud of the community we have built and support we have received over the years and can’t thank you all enough.

2018 – George and Ruby Dornis

America³Weight 8lbs
Height 68"
Length 39.2"
Beam 8.5"
Sail Area 598 sq in.

This great looking boat is a semi-scale version of the 1992 Americas Cup winner. One meter in length, this model is just right for people who wish to have fun just relaxing lakeside. For those who may want to enter competition in AMYA open one-meter class regattas, she is a spirited competitor. Match racing against other Victor Cup Series models is also exciting. we strongly recommend sail reinforment at your sail corners. Lead, glue and epoxy not included.
Australia IIWeight 10lbs
Height 63"
Length 39"
Beam 9"
Sail Area 598 sq in.

The Australia II was the first yacht to take the coveted America's Cup away from the U.S. in 140 years of yacht racing. This model is one of the first kits of the Victor Cup Series and a companion to the Stars & Stripes. A highly competitive boat, this semi-scale model is great for racing against our Stars & Stripes. With these two models, you and your friends can hold your own version of the America's Cup. With the same sailing characteristics as the Stars & Stripes, the skill of the skipper will be the only thing that separates the Victor from the Vanquished. We strongly recommened that you order with the sail corner reinforcement to improve the durability of your sails.lead, glue and epoxy not included
Blackhawk 32Weight 5lbs
Height 58"
Length 32"
Beam 6.75"
Sail Area 444 sq in.

The Black Magic was the second boat to take the America's Cup away from the U.S.A. in the Cup's 144 year history. Skippered by Russell Coutts, Team New Zealand swept the 1995 series 5-0 racing against Young America, skippered by Dennis Conner and Paul Cayard as tactician. Our semi-scale version of the Black Magic, Blackhawk, sized to compete with the V-32, is a fast boat and sails well under almost any wind condition. Although a little smaller in size than the boats in the Victor Cup Series, she proves to be an excellent competitor when sailed against the larger Cup Series models. The kit includes a molded white plastic hull and deck for rapid accurate assembly. Select wood parts, complete hardware and lead shot ballast material is also included.
Mini SolingWeight 5lbs
Height 48"
Length 30"
Beam 7"
Sail Area 300 sq in.

This semi scale version of the famous Soling Racing Sloop is perfect as an introduction to R/C sailing. Patterned after our AMYA sanctioned Soling One Meter, she is easy to assembly and sails beautifully. The models compact size allows for transporting in a fully rigged configuration. This model also requires only a simple two channel radio for control since a standard size servo may be used as a sail winch.
SnipeWeight 4lbs
Height 41"
Length 23.75"
Beam 8.5"
Sail Area 258 sq in.

A one and a half inch to the foot version of one of the worlds most popular "One Design Racing Sloops". Whether in a large pond or the backyard swimming pool, this kit can be sailed almost anywhere. Ease of assembly makes this kit a great gift for the younger sailor in the family that may be new to the hobby of R/C sailing. The models compact size allows for easy transporting even when fully rigged. A simple 2 channel radio is required for control. The Option I radio recommended.

Il Moro
Weight 8lbs
Height 725"
Length 392"
Beam 8.25""
Sail Area 598 sq in.

Here it is, our semi-scale version of the runner up to the America³ in the 1992 Cup Races. In the second race of 1992, these two boats had the closest race in Cup history with the America³ losing to the Il Moro by only 3 seconds. This beauty is an excellent competitor in the Victor Cup Series. Like the America³, this boat can also compete in the AMYA "Open 1 meter class". Whether racing against other boats in the cup series or just out for a leisurely sail, this model will provide hours of enjoyment.
Soling 1 Meter PrebuiltWeight 10lbs
Height 645"
Length 3930"
Beam 9.25"
Sail Area 600 sq in.
Spirit of '92Weight 8lbs
Height 68"
Length 39.2"
Beam 8.7"
Sail Area 598 sq in.

Patterned after a typical 42-meter yacht and dressed to look like the Stars & Stripes of 1992, our semi-scale yacht is another excellent competitor in the VICTOR CUP SERIES. All of the semi-scale versions of the 42-meter yachts share similar characteristics and serve for great match races against one another. When these boats go "head to head", only the skill of the skipper will determine the outcome. She is a fast boat, and like the other boats in the Victor Cup Series, she can compete in the AMYA "Open 1 meter class".
Stars & StripesWeight 10lbs
Height 64"
Length 39.2"
Beam 8.25"
Sail Area 598 sq in.

Here it is, the model yacht that started the VICTOR CUP SERIES. This is the semi-scale version of the yacht Stars & Stripes, skippered by Dennis Conner that returned the America's Cup to the USA in 1987. This boat is perfect for those who wish to create their own version of the America's Cup Races in miniature. The model is an excellent competitor when sailed against similar boats in its class. You can have hours of enjoyment when racing against our Australia II.
Tahoe IIWeight 7lbs
Height 61"
Length 36"
Beam 9.5"
Sail Area 575 sq in.

Although this is one of the first boats we developed here at Victor Model Products, it still proves to be a fun boat to sail. This sloop rigged sport model was designed with the beginner in mind. She is easy to sail, and easy to build. It is a perfect model for the recreational sailor who just wants to relax in the sun and enjoy the breeze.
V-32kWeight 6lbs
Height 51"
Length 32"
Beam 8"
Sail Area 435 sq in.

The V-32k is a kit version of the popular V-32. Simple to build, the kit includes a molded plastic hull, keel and rudder, a birch plywood deck, finished white Nylon sails, lead shot ballast and complete wood and hardware packages. An Option II radio is recommended.
Wild CatWeight 5lbs
Height 46"
Length 32"
Beam 18"
Sail Area 450 sq in.

Looking for something different in R/C model yachting? Try the WILD CATamaran. She is an exciting change of pace to R/C model sailing. A catamaran sails quite differently than a mono hull model, but once mastered, thrilling performance is obtained. This model is designed to use a standard two-channel radio unit and a 1/4 scale aircraft servo for sail control.