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VW Schwimmwagen T166The Volkswagen Type 166 was developed for the Wehrmacht on the basis of the KdF car and the Type 82.
The result is the most built Schwimmwagen and with its capabilities on land and on water the most successful Schwimmwagen of all times, which was even recognized by the enemies of the war at that time. In today's off-road competitions, VW Schwimmwagen have repeatedly outclassed even modern competitors due to their low weight.
Between autumn 1942 and summer 1944, over 14,000 units were produced at the Volkswagen factory near Fallersleben.

Details/Scope of Delivery:

Torro VW Schwimmwagen T166 (fully assembled)
RC Remote Control 2.4 GHz
Proportional control
Plastic body
Rubber tires
dimensions (in mm): ca 250 x 100 x 95

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Ford GPAThe Ford GPA (General Purpose Amphibian) is the American counterpart to the German VW Schwimmwagen Typ 166.

This vehicle was also called Seep (seagoing Jeep) by the American soldiers because of its swimming ability.
Ford produced over 12,000 units from spring 1942 until the end of the war.

The Soviet Union had several thousand Ford GPA delivered through the Lend-Lease Agreement and started to deploy them in spring of 1944.

Details/Scope of Delivery:

Torro Ford GPA (fully assembled)
RC Remote Control 2.4 GHz
Proportional Control
Decals for 4 different versions
Size: 330 x 140 x 205 mm (LxWxH)