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In 2015 heeft Kirk de scheepsmodeldivisie van de firma Robbe Modellsport overgenomen, Alle modellen werden ondergebracht onder de merknaam RoMarin. Dit heeft de groei van het bedrijf Krick een grote impuls gegeven. Deze producten passen perfect in het assortiment en vormen een mooie aanvulling op scheepsmodelproducten made in Germany.
Happy HunterDe Happy Hunter is een gedetailleerde replica van een Nederlandse diepzee- en bergingssleepboot op schaal 1:50. Het model wordt rechtstreeks, d.w.z. zonder tandwielreductie, aangedreven via twee krachtige elektromotoren uit de MAX Power 700-serie met lage snelheid op twee krachtige propellers. Voor het vergroten van de stuwkracht worden vaste Kort-nozzles gebruikt, zodat in combinatie met de optioneel verkrijgbare boegschroef zelfs de moeilijkste sleep- en manoeuvres kunnen worden uitgevoerd. De ruime kunststof romp maakt de installatie van tal van speciale functies mogelijk. Ervaren modelbouwers zullen de Happy Hunter uitrusten met functionele verlichting, radar, ankerlier, geluids- en sleepapparatuur. Zelfs de volledig functionele uitbreiding van de kraan is mogelijk.
Technische gegevens:
Lengte: 1035 mm
Breedte: 235 mm
Gewicht: 9500 g
Sagitta BergenLänge 84,2cm Breite 20,1cm
Gewichtzuladung 5,3Kg
Massstab 1:33
Norderney met MöweDas große Vorbild der Norderney führt im Küstenbereich der Nordsee Vermessungen zur Korrektur der Seekarten durch. Außerdem werden die Positionen von Seezeichen überprüft und der Meeresboden vermessen. Um strömungs- und gezeitenabhängige Veränderungen genau feststellen zu können, wird das selbständig fahrende Peilboot "Möwe" mitgeführt. Bei dem robbe Vermessungsschiff Norderney ist es hervorragend gelungen, einen detailgetreuen Nachbau zu schaffen, der in seinen Fahreigenschaften und möglichen Sonderfunktionen dem Vorbild entspricht. Durch Doppelruderanlage und Zweischraubenantrieb mit starken Elektromotoren ist das Modell sehr gut zu manövrieren. Die Wendigkeit kann durch getrennte Regelung der Fahrmotoren noch erhöht werden. Zahlreiche Sonderfunktionen wie z.B. das Aussetzen und Aufnehmen des Peilbootes "Möwe" vom Achterdeck, funktionsfähige Ankerwinde, Soundmodul, Nebelhorn, Radar und Beleuchtung, machen die Einsätze der Norderney immer wieder hochinteressant.
Sea-Jet EvolutionRacy water sportsman with brushless electric drive
After many successful years, the time is ripe for a successor to the robbe Sea-Jet - the Evolution.
The new Sea-Jet has been both optically and technically overhauled and re-designed. Learning from the modern competition Race-Jets, the optical appearance is significantly racier than its predecessor to improve its roll stability.
The hull has been made wider and give the Evolution the power it deserves, we have equipped the Evolution with twin brushless drives. So that the power can be translated into thrust, the props are directly mounted to the motors, therefore no gear boxes or drive-shafts to sap the power. A centrally mounted rudder and optimised hull shape guarantee high manoevrability.
With these attributes, the new robbe Sea-Jet is best prepared to take part in the Evolution class of the Sea-Jet Cup.

Kit contents:
Hull, deck and seat in vacuum formed ABS-plastic Rubber section rubbing strip , CNC-routed ABS-plastic parts for drive and RC-installation ,Multi-piece driver figure in plastic
Steering wheel and mirror in injection moulded plastic , Brushless-Electric motors Roxxy Inrunner 28-4507 (2x) , Drive shafts Ø 4 mm with stuffing tubes (2x)
Propellers Ø 33 mm (left and right hand rotations) , Navy direct couplings (2x) , Dagger board and mounting , Hardware/small parts for assembly
Multi coloured decals , Multi-lingual instructions , Boat-stand

Specification: Length: 685 mm Width: 240 mm Height: 370 mm Total displacement: 2100 g
Sea JetRadio-controlled water sport boat with ready-made hull and electric power system

The full-size boats on which the robbe Sea-Jet is based originated in the USA, but the machines have now developed into a popular leisure sports pastime around Europe´s beaches.

The robbe Sea-Jet emulates the full-size very accurately, and offers nothing less than 100% fun. The boat´s very low Centre of Gravity means that it cannot capsize, and it is easy to steer around any course. In choppy water it can carry out impressive jumps without any problems. The hull is supplied yellow overall, and is factory-trimmed and glued. To finish the hull all you have to do is apply the self-adhesive decals. A powerful electric motor drives twin contra-rotating surface-piercing propellers through a gearbox. The model is extremely agile, but a two-channel system is perfectly adequate to control it. Power for the motor and receiving system comes from a seven-cell rapid-charge battery. Assembly is just a matter of installing the motor, power system and radio control system, plus assembling and painting the driver figure.
Owning a Sea-Jet gives you the chance to participate in the robbe Sea-Jet Cup competition, which is held in many towns in Germany and Europe. For more information please see the following pages.

Length: 690 mm
Width: 150 mm
Total displacement: 1450 g
Orkney ExpressMassstab 1.25
Länge 1270 mm
Breite 310 mm
Höhe 600 mm
Verdrängung 8600 gramm
DollyRadio-controlled semi-scale model of a launch to 1:20 scaleThis general-purpose boat type can be seen in many of the world's harbours.These small launches can be fitted out for a wide variety of tasks, and are commonly used to transport
persons or materials; they can also be used as tugs for larger vessels if fitted with special towing gear, or even as firefighting launches.The electric power system for our model of the Dolly has been carefully selected to suit the vessel, and the single-screw system provides an excellent scale performance.
The hull features an integral screw tunnel, giving very good manoeuvrability. The recommended 6 V/1.7 Ah battery gives running times of up to an hour.Kit contents:
• Ready-made, red-pigmented hull, clear moulded superstructure (no glazing panels to cut out) and deck (all parts trimmed to shape).
• Full set of die-cut parts for installing the power and radio control systems
• Complete rudder system, stern tube and propeller shaft, propeller and coupling
• Self-adhesive decals and window masks
• Multi-lingual building instructions and plan Fittings set No. 1006
Includes many small parts such as lifebelts, bollards etc. for decorating the model. Crew figures not included.

Specification: Length: 550 mm Width: 165 mm Scale: 1:20 Total displacement: 1200 g
Paula IIIRadio-controlled model of a working ship with salvage crane to 1:25 scale
Fittings set and motor includedIn many harbours of the world you will find examples of the full-size Paula III. These industrious vessels are constantly shunting in and out of port to carry out their work in the coastal regions, around the estuaries of large rivers and in the harbour approaches. Manoeuvrable and very fast for their size, these working ships are employed for all manner of tasks. Amongst their duties are retrieving and laying sea warnings and markers,
clearing away minor obstacles in shipping lanes and transporting special equipment required for marine research.
This wide-ranging versatility gives the imaginative modeller almost unlimited scope for completing and operating the boat.
The Paula III is the ideal model for the beginner and advanced model builder alike, but is likely to appeal to the traditional modeller who enjoys "real" construction work. We recommend the use of a lead-acid battery which gives extremely long running times. The salvage crane can lower various loads over the model´s stern and retrieve them again.Specification:
Length: 710 mm
Width: 215 mm
Scale: 1:25
Total displacement: 2500 g
NeptuneRadio controlled semi-scale model of a harbour tug to 1:50 scaleAt the design stage of this model we concentrated on scale fidelity and lovingly reproduced detail features. A working, fixed fire monitor is included, mounted on the lower mast platform. The Neptun’s power system is based on a swivelling Kort nozzle for extreme manoeuvrability, and the vessel makes light work of tricky towing manoeuvres in tight situations. The towing hook can be opened and closed by remote control.Kit contents:
* Vacuum-moulded hull, bulwark, engine room and wheelhouse
* Plastic funnel and other small parts
* Wooden internal fittings
* Propeller shaft, propeller, coupling
* Injection-moulded Kort nozzle, working towing gear, railing stanchions
* RC linkage components, small parts and fixings
* Comprehensive, richly illustrated building instructions, detailed plans Specification:
Length: 570 mm
Width: 175 mm
Scale: 1:50
Total displacement: 2500
Berlin SRKScale model of the marine emergency cruiser "Berlin" to 1:25 scale

The SK "Berlin" is one of the most modern of the rescue ships operated by the German Association for the Rescue of the Shipwrecked (DGzRS). The boat was christened on the occasion of the Association’s 120 year anniversary in May 1985, and was commissioned at its base of Kiel/Laboe. The boat was constructed at the Luerssen shipyard in Bremen using a special interlocking bulkhead system, and is built of seawater-resistant aluminium.

The Berlin’s three engines with their total power of about 3200 BHP give her an impressive top speed of 24 knots. The SK’s hull is designed to allow her to operate and manoeuvre accurately at very high speeds in extremely heavy seas. Powerful fire monitors with a pumping capacity of 200 m3 provide a highly effective fire fighting capability in case of emergency. The ship is equipped with a powerful bow thruster for extreme manoeuvrability, and it is also fitted with the very latest technical and communications equipment for use at sea. The Berlin also carries advanced medical equipment and facilities to provide first aid to injured mariners. In shallow waters the vessel’s versatility is increased by the daughter boat Steppke, which is carried on board. This little boat is extremely adaptable, and has been specially developed and equipped for work in shallow water conditions.

Purpose of the DGzRS
The German Association for the Rescue of the Shipwrecked (DGzRS) is an independent body which carries out maritime search and rescue services under its own authority, and it has its own fleet of emergency sea cruisers and lifeboats. The lifeboatmen of the DGzRS are ready for work at any time and in any weather. Hardly a day goes past when they don’t hear the call "SOS ... launch the lifeboats!" All search and rescue measures at sea are co-ordinated by the Bremen marine emergency management team. Without exception, the work of the rescue association is financed by donations and contributions from members, and no state funding or public backing is provided. The association’s patron is the Federal President of Germany.

Crew figures not included.

Kit contents:
One-piece Plura hull with machined openings and pre-cut holes
Die-cut and profiled plastic hull stiffening members, with supports for RC and auxiliary system components
3-blade rudder system, vacuum-moulded daughter boat cradle, separate stern flap
Superstructure sections vacuum-moulded in clear material (no separate glazing panels required)
Complex mast with numerous lamps and aerials
Fully articulated fire monitors assembled from injection-moulded components
Aluminium gangways, die-cut and bored
RC installation component pack
Decal sheet and name placards, numerous additional fittings
Detailed building instructions and detailed plans.

Model characteristics :
The robbe model of the ocean-going emergency cruiser "Berlin" is a true scale model of the full-size to 1:25 scale both in terms of appearance and technical functions. Like the original vessel the robbe model features:
Three powerful, separately controlled engines
3-blade rudder system
Powerful bow thruster
Two fully articulated fire monitors equipped with a powerful pump
Working daughter boat "Steppke"; can be operated independently
Rise and fall stern flap
Cable winch for retrieving the daughter boat
Mechanism for engaging and releasing the tow cable
Wide-ranging lighting system, e.g. searchlight, navigation lamps, towing light

Several special function sets are available, so that the model can be fitted out in easy stages with all the optional fittings and auxiliary working systems. If you install all the optional equipment, you can carry out all manner
of interesting operations on the water with your Berlin.

Note that a separate RC system is required for the "Steppke".

Length: 1100 mm
Width: 260 mm
Height: 610 mm
Scale: 1:25
Total displacement: 7000 g
S130 German S BoatFittings set and power set included
One of the most interesting ship developments of the second World War, both visually and technically, was the S-boat, and the S 130 is a typical representative of the class. These 35 m long high-speed boats were designed primarily for work in the English Channel and the North Sea. The full-size vessel on which our model is based was built by the Schlichting shipyard in Travemuende, and was launched on 21 October 1943.
Just like the original boat, the outstanding features of our model of the S 130 are its high maximum speed and excellent manoeuvrability.

Kit contents:
Vacuum-moulded plastic hull Vacuum-moulded deck and superstructure Plastic gun and torpedo components
Die-cut plastic internal fittings 3 x POWER 400/45 electric motors Stern tubes, shafts and propellers Complete fittings set
Decal sheet
Detailed, illustrated building instructions

Length: 870 mm Width: 140 mm Scale: 1:40 Total displacement: 1450 g
Fire Boat FLBSemi-scale model of a fire-fighting boat to 1 : 25 scale

"Bulk freighter burning at river kilometre 355". These words trigger the FLB-1
fire-fighting boat into action, and it immediately leaves its mooring and dashes to the aid of those in need.
These boats form the backbone of the fire-fighting service, which also provides technical assistance in German waters.

Kit contents:
Vacuum-moulded ABS plastic hull , Vacuum-moulded ABS plastic superstructure, deck, bulwark and small parts
CNC-machined plastic parts for installation of power system and RC system , Fire monitor
Corrugated sheet material , Electric motor (400-size) , 2 mm Ø propeller shaft and stern tube
30 mm Ø propeller , Self-centring shaft coupling , Small assembly parts , Multi-colour decal sheet
Multi-lingual building instructions , Boatstand

RC functions
Rudder , Throttle , *Auxiliary working systems" Lighting systems"

Length: 630 mm Width: 185 mm Height: 380 mm Total displacement: 2000 g
Düsseldorf Fire Fighting BoatScale model of the "Düsseldorf" fire-fighting boat to 1:25 scale

The Düsseldorf fire-fighting boat was developed and built by the Rheinwerft company of Mainz-Mombach, and it is operated in the Ruhr industrial region of Germany. The vessel is designed specifically to cope with disaster situations, such as a ship on fire, a major oil leak or a harbour system in
danger of explosion, and its fire monitors, operating at a pressure of 10.5 bar, can hurl water or foam 45 m high and a distance of up to 95 m. The two V-12 engines produce a total of 930 kW (1260 BHP), giving the boat a maximum speed of around 37 km/hr.

The Robbe kit of the "Düsseldorf" fire-fighting boat is large and capacious enough to accommodate all the equipment required to emulate the wide-ranging facilities of the full-size vessel. Optional working systems include the fire monitors, crane, anchor winch, radar, searchlights, blue light, horn and siren, and also the sound of the diesel engines. The plastic hull is moulded in thick-walled material, and it offers plenty of space for the numerous mechanical and electronic parts required for the auxiliary working systems.

The model is propelled by two proven robbe Navy-Kompakt power systems, giving it an impressive turn of speed. Four large rudders guarantee extreme manoeuvring capability both forwards and astern. The fire monitors can be swivelled horizontally and vertically from the transmitter, and with the recommended electric geared pump they can fire a jet of water a
distance of 6 - 8 m. If a working boat crane is fitted, the vacuum-moulded rowing board can be raised, swung outboard and lowered to the water in true scale style.

Specification: Length: 1160 mm Width: 250 mm Total displacement: 9000 g
Le CourageuxNew From Robbe Le Courageux is based on a Breton Fishing cutterThe full size vessels of the Le Courageux type can be found in numerous variants along the Breton coast .
The shape of hull and high bow design give this boat exceptionally good performance in rough sea's along the Breton and Atlantic coast .

The principle design features of the original vessel are reproduced in the model along with the impressive size and shape .
The powerful motor setup makes Le Courageux an interesting model to maneuver

Features The kit features many highly prefabricated components' so making this model more accessible to most modeling skill levels

Specification: Length 820mm Beam 300mm Draught 140mm
Antje IIAntje II is one of all the smaller working boats in the North and Baltic Seas .
Shrimping and fishing cutters are by far the most widespread, and they are also pressed into service for many other tasks. Their characteristically jaunty appearance makes them a great favourite amongst modellers, and the "Antje II" exploits this popularity to the full.

The kit components are highly pre-fabricated, with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the construction of the model.
The capacious hull offers ample space for a large battery, the drive motor and the radio control system.

A fittings set, No. 1111, is also available to give the boat an impressive scale appearance, and the final touch is the wood parts fittings set, No. 1113.

Specification : Lenght 640mm Beam 210mm Height 550mm
Najade MotoryachtNajade Semi-scale model of a luxury motor yacht to 1:15 scale

Just like the full-size prototype the Najade features a large, roomy cabin, an imposing flying bridge and a lusty power system to ensure an impressive top speed.
The propulsion system is based on a ROXXY 3656-06 brushless motor driving the propeller direct via the propeller shaft; the entire power system is included in the kit. Construction of this superb model is hastened by many pre-fabricated parts, including the glazing which is moulded in clear brown-tinted material.
The fittings set is supplied as standard, and contains all the detail items required to give the Najade a perfect

Specification: Length: 960 mm Width: 300 mm Scale: 1:15 Total displacement: 3600 g
San DiegoRadio-controlled semi-scale model of a mega-yacht to 1:25 scale

The long, slim hull of the San Diego looks simply fantastic on the water. Fitted out with two powerful 700-size electric motors, with direct drive to a pair of contra-rotating surface-piercing propellers
The San Diego accelerates strongly and soon comes up onto the step and planes across the water. A pair of swivelling Navy Speed power systems provide excellent straight running characteristics combined with good manoeuvrability even in choppy water. The optional fittings set contains all you need to fit out your model with all the luxurious equipment featured by the full-size boat.

Crew figures not included in the kit.

Specification: Length: 1270 mm Width: 250 mm Scale: 1:25 Total displacement: 5000 g
MS HanseaticCommissioned by Hapag-Lloyd in 1993, and is classed as a luxurious cruise ship and one of the finest expedition vessels.
With a gross registered tonnage of 8378 the ship has one great advantage over conventional luxury liners: where the ´fat ships´ have to stop or make a detour, the ´MS Hanseatic´ simply carries on: in Arctic and Antarctic waters, and even South American rivers such as the Amazon, the Rio Negro or the Orinoko. The ´MS Hanseatic´ was specially designed to cope with the polar regions, and is classified in the highest ice class. Four inflatable boats for expeditions are carried on the ´MS Hanseatic´, and passenger excursions in them are considered to be the climax of the cruises.
Up to 184 passengers can be accommodated on the seven decks, plus a crew of 125 persons.
The ship is classified as a five-star vessel.With the kind approval of Hapag-Lloyd AG.The model:This kit is aimed at experienced marine modellers who enjoy a constructional challenge as well as the pleasure of running the model.
Many details of the original machine are included in our model of the ´MS Hanseatic´, and auxiliary working systems such as bow thruster, working stabilisers, lighting and engine sound systems can be installed by the modeller with experience of such installations.

Length: 1230 mmWidth: 190mm Height: 358mm Scale: 1:100 Total displacement: 8400 g
Sirius RS 32Highly prefabricated, elegant model yacht

It doesn´t matter whether you are a beginner or a more advanced modeller, the Sirius RS 32 is the yacht for the model skipper of the future

Available in Two Versions With and with out radio Her high level of pre-fabrication with her regatta-typical features, she is a favourite when it comes to choosing a new yacht.. When developing the Sirius RS32 the robbe team concentrated upon excellent sailing characteristics in light to medium winds with a fast and easy final assembly, all combined with a realistic scale-like appearance.

The Sirius is pre-built to the greatest possible extent. It only remains to fit the mast and sails.

Kit contents:
Hull and Deck in vacformed, white ABS-plastic , Hull and Deck bonded together , Internal parts and RC-installation fully installed Dependent on Version , Removable glass-fibre keelAbnehmbares Glass-fibre sword keel and ballast bulb , Double cover protection against spray ingress to interior , Aluminium mast and boom , All hardware for fitting sails , Finished sail suit , Complete steering gear , Multi-colour decal set , Multi-lingual, illustrated assembly instructions , Boatstand

Specification: Length: 890 mm Width: 205 mm Height: 1640 mm Scale: 1:15 Total displacement: 2320 g Mast height: 1250 mm Sail area: 30.00 dm2
SmaragdThe Smaragd (Emerald) is a large model which can be sailed even in quite strong winds right down to very light wind conditions .In its basic version can be controlled with a simple two-channel radio control system up to a full blown multi channel .

The carefully optimized arrangement of the sail area allows the boat to achieve the maximum speed possible from the hull design even in moderate wind conditions on all headings.

This kit builds into a very impressive model indeed with high quality moulded parts along with metal and plastic fittings and good comprehensive instructions which is now typical of Robbe .
The build is on the medium to expert side of things so a good model if you have done or two kits before hand

Specification ::
* Length: 1380 mm * Width: 360 mm * Height: 2200 mm * Standard Sail area: approx. 80 dm2
* Scale: 1:10 * Total displacement: 12000 g * Ballast weight: 8000 g * Mast height: 1800 mm
*Draught: 300.00 mm
Valdivia Sailing SchoonerScale model of a sailing schooner to 1:20 scale
In the mid-1860s a Swedish distilling company placed a contract with the Stockholm dockyard of Soedra Varvet for the construction of a fast, elegant sailing schooner.

In 1868 the ?9 m long Vanadis was launched, rigged as a Newfoundland schooner. During her colorful career the vessels high speed was in demand, and at times she operated as a smuggling boat and as a customs vessel.
In the period 1978 to 1981 she underwent complete restoration in Hamburg, and since then she has sailed under the name Valdivia von Altona. She now serves as a charter vessel for extended sailing cruises, and has taken part with great success in international regattas.

This model is one of Robbe's best Sailing boats ment for the intermediate to expert builders though that said anyone with a good workshop could build this with a little time . Building and operating of this large model will present many hours of pleasure to the experienced marine modeller who enjoys working with wood and other materials. If you are one of them, our model of the Valdivia will take you back effortlessly to the atmospheric heyday of these marvelous sailing yachts.

Specification: Length: 1580 mm Width: 300 mm Height: 1300 mm Scale1:20
Total displacement: 9000 g
Windstar One Meter DesignRadio-controlled one-meter sailing boat. An ideal beginner's boat in the international one-meter class

The Windstar Hull meets the rules of the international one-meter boat class. Its outstanding features are its fine sailing qualities and simple, well-balanced handling.

A special feature is the availability of different sail suits for strong, moderate and light wind conditions. The model is supplied with a white pigmented GRP hull. For competition work an optional non-pigmented hull can be used.

Length: 1000 mm Width: 195 mm total displacement: 4000 g Ballast weight : 2100 g
ComtesseWith her streamlined hull and integral keel fin the elegant Comtesse is capable of an impressive turn of speed even in just a light breeze.
However, the boat can still be sailed safely in stronger winds, as the deep keel makes it near impossible to capsize. The boat handles nicely balanced, making it easy for the newcomer to model sailing to trim it accurately.

As you would expect, the Comtesse can cope with all headings from tacking into wind right round to sailing before the wind, which means that it is possible to sail the boat to any pre-determined point and then back again.
The model is controlled by rudder and simultaneous adjustment of the mainsail and jib settings, i.e. all sailing maneuvers can be carried out using a simple two-channel radio control system and a sail servo .

The kit includes a moulded Plura hull, and all the other parts are pre-fabricated to ensure a short building time.

Length: 950 mm Width: 230 mm Height: 1500 mm Total displacement: 3200 g Ballast weight: 1800 g
Mast height: 1200 mm Sail area: 30.00 dm2 Draught: 210.00 mm
AtlantisRadio-controlled semi-scale model of a two-masted schooner to 1:20 scale
The original vessel was built in 1935 and is a 28 m long gaff-rigged schooner.

The special sail arrangement on the boat makes her stand out from the more familiar ship types of her time, and for this reason she is of particular interest to the modeller.

With a sail area of just on one square meter, distributed over several separate sails, and a streamlined hull with its characteristic extended keel, this imposing model offers an excellent performance and good maneuvering capability. Although the boat is quite heavy, the draught of the Atlantis is relatively small, so shallow in-shore waters present no problem.

The multiple sails give the operator plenty of scope for trimming the model to suit different wind speeds just by lowering and setting individual sails.
The boat features an ingenious tensioning mechanism which means that only one screw has to be slackened on each mast when it is time to transport the "Atlantis". All the shroud settings can be left unchanged.

This kit is for the intermediate /expert builder comes complete with preformed hull fittings pack I.E all the part for the deck bollards and lifebelts and such along with full English instructions optioanal extras like the wood fittings to plank the deck with and motor pack for it to get you back to shore when the wind drops.

Length: 1380 mm Width: 340 mm Height: 1730 mm Standard sail area: approx. 85.5 dm2
Scale: 1:20 Total displacement: 17500 g Ballast weight: 11000 g Mast height: 1420 mm Draught: 240.00 mm
OdinRadio-controlled semi-scale model of a harbour tug to 1:25 scaleThis model is designed to be fitted with the high-torque, low-drain Power 1000 electric motor, which gives running times of more than two hours in conjunction with a 12 Volt battery. The direct-drive four-bladed propeller runs in a swivelling Kort nozzle, endowing the boat with extraordinary manoeuvrability. The large model can accommodate numerous auxiliary working systems crew members not included.

Kit contents:
* Vacuum-moulded CNC-trimmed plastic hull
* Vacuum-moulded deck with integral coaming and broad openings under the engine room and warping winch

* Wheelhouse moulded in clear material; no separate windows to be fitted
* Die-cut and vacuum-moulded internal fittings
* Multi-lingual building instructions and plans

Specification: Length: 1200 mm Width: 350 mm Scale: 1:25 Total displacement: 18000 g
Magin IISemi-scale model of a high-performance racing yacht to 1 : 10 scaleThe outstanding features of these high-performance racing yachts are their elegant design, luxurious fittings and - especially - their tremendously powerful engines.
To ensure that our model of the Magin Two should be as impressive in every respect as the full-size vessel, we placed special emphasis on re-creating its elegant lines. The requirement for high performance is fulfilled and even exceeded with the optional power set, containing two powerful, high-performance brushless motors: in test-runs we have recorded speeds of more than 60 km / hr.
The enormous performance and highly efficient double aluminium rudder system require an operator with steely nerves.

Kit contents:
# Vacuum-moulded ABS plastic hull, deck, cockpit and hatch covers
# CNC-machined plastic parts for installation of power system and RC system
# Double aluminium rudder system with linkage components
# Small parts for emergency-OFF plug
# Small assembly items
# Multi-colour decal sheet
# Multi-lingual building instructions
# Boatstand

Optional RC functions :
Rudder Throttle

Specification: Length: 1030 mm Width: 240 mm Height: 210 mm Total displacement: 3400 g
Seawolf V2Model submarine with electric power and dynamic diving system
The Sea-Wolf is the longest serving model in our submarine fleet. Introduced many years ago, it began a successful period of submarine modelling for us which has lasted right up to the present day. In 1998 it was followed by the legendary Type VII boat, the U-47, and finally by our largest model, the Type XXI boat, the U-2540.The Sea-Wolf is the ideal submarine for all modellers, from the ambitious beginner through the modeller interested in a change of direction to the expert and connoisseur. After all, it offers an attractive combination of impressive appearance, reasonable building time and a fair system price.Specification: Length: 900 mm Width: 100 mm Height: 320 mm Total displacement: 4100
German U-boat U47Scale model of a German U-boat to 1:40 scale, with dynamic diving system
fittings and electric motors includedDuring the development stage of our model of the U 47 we concentrated especially on maximum possible scale fidelity, and accurate reproduction of the detail features of the vessel. In spite of its impressive length of more than 1.7 m, the boat is highly manoeuvrable and has a good turn of speed. It features the dynamic method of submerging, and all these features make for a highly realistic model when in and under the water.
An important feature of this imposing boat is the flooding slots in the outer skin, and these are factory-cut in order to shorten the building time. This eliminates the time-consuming work of drilling or machining these openings.Specification:
Length: 1700 mm
Width: 160 mm
Scale: 1:40
Total displacement: 8500 g
U31 212 Class Submarine1 : 40 scale dynamic-diving model of the German Federal Navy’s 212-class submarine

The full-size boat:
These subs were developed at the Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW) dockyard in Kiel. It is the world’s first submarine type to be equipped with a hybrid fuel cell power system. Basically the boat is propelled by an electric motor. For surface running the motor is powered by a diesel generator, but when the boat is submerged, electrical current is supplied by a hydrogen fuel cell system. U 31 was the first 212 A class to be built, and the vessel was launched in March 2002; this is the basis for our model.

The model:
The model of the U 31 has been developed and built using proven methods of construction and pre-fabrication, i.e. the same methods used on the U 2540. However, the diameter of the pressure vessel has been increased by 35 mm in order to give the large hull the stiffness required.
The pressure vessel is fitted with an internal multi-part CNC-machined installation frame, which houses all the essential RC and electrical system components. Just like the full-size sub, model of the U31 features a New ultra-modern power system: in this case a slow-reving, high-torque brushless electric motor to provide large amounts of very usable thrust .

Length: 1430 mm Width: 180 mm Height: 470 mm Scale: 1:40 Total displacement: 19000 g
Schutze High Speed Mine SweeperSchutze was built as a high-speed minesweeper of the "Schütze" class these were commissioned in the German Federal Navy in 1960.
The armament consisted of one 40 mm cannon, plus comprehensive special equipment for mine seeking and sweeping.

The model:
The Schütze is a new version of a vessel which has been part of our model boat range for many years, and since its ´decommissioning´ more of our customers have enquired about this boat than virtually any other model.
Since we did not want simply to resume production of the ´old´ model, we decided to carry out a complete revision of the entire kit.
The geared motors formerly used have been superseded by powerful direct-drive motors. The high level of pre-fabrication of the detail parts and fittings make the Schütze a great choice for any modeller with relatively little experience in building scale models.
When the robbe ´Schütze´ cuts through the water at high speed, it is almost indistinguishable from the full-size vessel.

Length: 1200 mm Width: 200 mm Scale: 1:40 Total displacement: 6000 g
KatjaKatja is our model of an elegant four-seater sports boat with inboard motor, and it has turned out to be hugely successful. The model essentially consists of seven plastic parts. The deck and cabin are moulded in one piece in clear plastic, which eliminates the complex task of cutting out and installing the glazing panels. The robbe Katja can be operated free-running or with radio control. In its simplest form the rudder is set for a fixed radius of turn. Once equipped with a radio control system the Katja is remarkably manoeuvrable, and its power system gives it a very lively performance. We recommend the robbe Katja as an ideal fun model for the beginner.

Hull, deck, cabin insert, seat backrest and instrument panel moulded in white and clear plastic
Complete stern tube with coupling and three-bladed propeller
Rudder system including tiller and control linkage
Decal sheet, glazing panel masks
All fittings, including cleats, ship´s wheel, flag and horns
Detailed building instructions and plan
Lengte: 520 mm
Breedte: 180 mm
Waterverplaatsing: 1100 g
Kormoran BoeienleggerScale model of a buoy-laying vessel to 1:25 scale

The Kormoran is a real workhorse among model boats, as it can be employed for such disparate tasks as laying and retrieving buoys, and salvaging obstacles in shipping lanes. The ideal tool for these jobs is the working derrick which can be controlled over all three axes, and thus can extend to all points on the loading deck as well as outboard.
The Kormoran will delight any modeller who wants to make a start in multifunction model boats, or is looking for an interesting second model.

Plastic hull, deck and superstructure
Clear plastic wheelhouse
Multi-part metal mast
Multi-part derrick
Complete fittings set including anchor winch, radar unit, lighting system, railings etc.
Rudder system and linkage
Stern tube, shaft and propeller
Decal sheet including window masks
Plan and illustrated, multi-lingual instructions
Lengte: 710 mm
Breedte: 200 mm
Hoogte: 400 mm
Waterverplaatsing: 3000 g
Rainbow IIGliding soundlessly through the water - only the power of the wind and the skill of the skipper pushing it on towards the far horizon. These elegant sailing boats awaken the yearning to travel in all of us.
If you are a modeller who would not consider any form of propulsion for a boat apart from the most natural one of all, and if you are looking for a compact sailing boat that is quick to rig at the lakeside, you cant afford to ignore the Rainbow II.
Completed in just two or three hours, the Rainbow II is 50 cm long and requires no more than a standard two-channel RC system. The boat provides all the advantages of the larger robbe yachts in an extremely compact package: just like its big brothers this model features a one-piece hull and deck, requires no complex gluing or sanding, and offers outstanding sailing characteristics which guarantee a successful start in our hobby even if you are a beginner.
Join us on the water with a Rainbow II.

One-piece plastic hull with fitted ballast keel, all holes and openings pre-cut
Factory-trimmed cockpit
Complete rudder system
Installation plate for radio control components
One-piece aluminium mast
Injection-moulded plastic main boom and jib boom
Factory-sewn sails
Small parts and fixings
Multi-colour decal sheet
Illustrated multi-lingual building instructions with notes on sailing
Lengte: 500 mm
Breedte: 140 mm
Gewicht: 1400 g
MöweRadio-controlled scale sounding boat to 1:25 scale, matching the Norderney survey ship

The Möwe is the ideal complement to the Norderney survey ship, as it can be carried on board the mother ship, but also run independently. However, equipped with a simple 2-channel system it can also be operated as a stand-alone model. The boat can even be run without radio control.

Vacuum-moulded hull and deck
Clear plastic vacuum-moulded cabin
Rudder system and pushrod
Stern tube, shaft and 30 mm Ø propeller
Aerial, mast components, lamps, bollards
Self-adhesive decals and window masks
Building instructions and plan
Lengte: 260 mm
Breedte: 105 mm
Waterverplaatsing: 300 g
Bussard Rivier Boot ARTRTrue-to-life almost ready to run model of a river surveyor´s boat in 1:20 scale

The original
The original of the Bussard was used on the waterways in the Ruhr area by the water management authorities to carry out water checks for environmental purposes, to measure current speeds, to check and maintain channel markings and for many other different jobs.

The model
Size, appearance and features from the original provide the ideal template for the almost completely assembled model of the Bussard. In the case of the Bussard, almost completely assembled means that the boat has been factory assembled to the point that only some finishing work, such as applying decals and accessories and building in the remote control components need to be done by the owner. Even without any prior experience of modelling, it is possible to get the Bussard ready to go over a weekend. Thanks to the large-scale coloured decals which are part of the set, there is no need to paint this model.
Double DragonRadio-controlled model sailing boat with GRP hull and double mainsail

The Double Dragon is an extremely compact sailing boat which is easy to transport even when fully rigged. Quality materials and a high level of pre-fabrication ensure that the model goes together quickly. Its sailing qualities when luffing and sailing with free wind are similar to those of a conventional sailing boat, but it is when sailing before the wind that the Double Dragon shows off its speciality - the double mainsail opens up, and the enlarged sail area provides enormous forward thrust.

White GRP hull with integral pre-cut deck openings
Internal supports for electronic components
Complete rudder system
Small hardware items
GRP keel
Lead ballast weight
Pre-sewn sail suit
CFRP mast and booms
Injection-moulded plastic and metal sail fittings
Rigging materials
Multi-colour decal sheet
Multi-lingual building instructions and assembly drawings
Lengte: 600 mm
Breedte: 200 mm
Hoogte: 1050 mm
Waterverplaatsing: 1600 g
StepkeScale model of the Berlins daughter boat to 1:25 scale

In spite of the Steppkes small size it is a fully working radio-controlled model boat. A third channel is used to operate the capture hook on the bow of the model. The receiving system is switched on and off by the mast: when the daughter boat is hauled up into the stern cradle, the mast is automatically folded down, and this action switches the receiver off. When the boat is lowered to the water, the mast erects itself and thereby switches the receiving system on. This arrangement ensures that battery power is not wasted when the Steppke is in "piggy-back" mode.

Vacuum-moulded hull
Vacuum-moulded deck including cabin superstructure and cockpit
Rudder, shaft and propeller
Holder for Steppke power function set
Mast and all fittings
Lengte: 300 mm
Breedte: 100 mm
Waterverplaatsing: 310 g
Sylt PolitiebootDas Original
Im April 2009 wurde der Wasserschutzpolizei Schleswig-Holstein das bislang größte und modernste Polizeiboot übergeben. Das auf den Namen Sylt getaufte Boot wurde von der Fassmer Werft in Berne an der Weser gebaut und ist das zweite von vier Booten zur Erneuerung der Polizeiflotte.
Das Revier der 34 Meter langen Sylt reicht von der dänischen Grenze bis zur Elbmündung. Neben den Kontrollaufgaben in diesem Seegebiet gehören die Fischereiaufsicht und die Unterstützung der Polizei auf den Nordseeinseln. Mit einer Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 26 Knoten (fast 50 Kilometer pro Stunde) ist die Sylt somit das stärkste und schnellste Boot der Polizeiflotte.

Das Modell
Auf unserer Suche nach einem geeignetem Vorbild für ein neues Flaggschiff im robbe Schiffsprogramm fiel die Wahl auf die Sylt. Begeistert hat uns neben ihrem modernen Design, die Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten für Sonderfunktionen, die ein echtes robbe-Funktionsschiff ausmachen.
Die imposante Größe des Modells birgt genügend Freiraum für zusätzliche Ausbaumöglichkeiten. So können Sound- und Lichtfunktionen, ein ferngesteuerter Kran, drehbares Radar, funktionstüchtige Ankerwinde und viele weitere Sonderfunktionen vom Erbauer der Sylt umgesetzt werden. Auch das Beiboot lässt sich optional mit einem Antrieb ausrüsten und kann ferngesteuert betrieben werden. Wer besonderen Wert auf hohe Vorbildtreue legt kann mit dem zusätzlichen erhältlich Ausbausatz die Kommandobrücke der Sylt komplett mit fein detailliertem Steuerstand, Computerbildschirmen, Kartentisch und vielen weiteren Teilen ausrüsten und erhält so eine exakte maßstäbliche Umsetzung des Originals in das Modell.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung und Genehmigung der Fassmer GmbH Co. KG

--Rumpf und Deck aus weißem, tiefgezogenen ABS-Kunststoff
--Steuerstand und Aufbau aus weißen, CNC-gefrästen Kunststoffplatten
--Einbauteile für Antrieb- und Elektronikkomponenten aus weißen, CNC-gefrästen Kunststoffplatten
--Komplette Ruderanlage mit Kleinteilen
--Kleinteile für die Montage
--Umfangreiche Einzelteile für Hauptmast und Reling
--Mehrfarbiger Dekorbogen
--Mehrsprachige Bauanleitung und Montagezeichnungen

Technische Daten
Maßstab: 1:25
Höhe ca.: 520 mm
Breite ca.: 250 mm
Gesamtverdrängung ca.: 6000 g
Länge ca.: 1200 mm
B 25 Viskotter
Jan Habour TugLength 1200mm
Beam 315mm
Scale 1:25
L 112cm
B 24cm
H 55cm
Gewicht: 10,9 kg
Fairplay VILänge: ca. 650 mm
Breite: ca. 210 mm
Höhe: ca. 400 mm
Verdrängung: ca. 2.850 g
Maßstab: 1:50
EstelleLänge: 1100 mm
Breite: 370 mm
Höhe: 1890 mm
Gesamtverdrängung: 4200 g
Balastanteil: 2200 g
Masthöhe: 1380 mm
Segelfläche: 48.00 dm2
SkandiaLength: 1030mm (40.6in)
Beam: 240mm (9.4in)
Displacement: 3750gr (8.3lb)
Total Area: 3350.0cm2 (519.3in2)