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Character Ship Models heeft van gegoten glasvezel R/C-scheepsmodellen voor de beginnende of ervaren modelbouwer. Alle modellen zijn voorzien van gegoten rompplaten, dek-beplating of planken, klinknagels en stootrails.
Paula Anne Steam TugPatterned after one of the many steam powered, single screw workhorses found throughout the world in the early 1900’s. The Paula Anne was an extremely seaworthy vessel, having both adequate quarters and range so as to make her useful not only as a harbor tuy but also as a long range towing and salvage boat. Fitting out and refitting over the years resulted in each tug developing a character of its own. Included in semi-kit is: hull with deck, main deck house, deck house overhead, boiler room cover, fantail cover, pilot house, pilot house overhead and full scale drawings.

Length: 52”
Beam: 16-3/4”
1/24 Scale
Trade Winds Steam FreighterFreighter, tramp steamer, or inter island transport. By whatever name, these steam powered, broad beamed ships were used at the turn of the century to transport cargos of food, lumber, machinery and livestock between the islands in the Caribbean, the South Pacific and the Far East. Refitted with diesel engines in the 30’s, many of these hard working ships retained their tall steam stacks and character until today. Included in semi-kit is: Hull with deck, deck house, deck house overhead, cargo hatch, bridge, bridge overhead and full scale drawings.

Length: 48”
Beam: 15”
Scale 1/24
Henrietta Rose FerryA multi-use, shallow draft vessel. The steam powered passenger ferry was often the only method of travel between islands up and down rivers. Passengers of the early 1900’s rode in comfort in finely appointed cabins upon the main deck. A large hatch in the foreword deck gave access for cargo’s of trade goods. Crew quarters were located on the upper deck aft. Included with semi-kit is: hull w deck, main deck cabin, maindeck cabin overhead, pilot house, pilot house overhead, crew quarters, crew quarters overhead, boiler room and foreward hatch and full scale drawings.

Length: 51”
Beam: 15”
Scale 1/24