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Jotika is een klein familiebedrijf gevestigd in Droitwich, VK. Ze hebben sinds 1992 hun eigen producten vervaardigd onder de naam Caldercraft en produceren replica-kits op ware schaal met veel aandacht voor kwaliteit, fijne details en algehele authenticiteit voor het onderwerp.
Joffre, Tyne TugJoffre was built in 1916 by the Androssan Dry Dock & Shipping Co. She was owned throughout her career by Lawson-Batey Tugs Ltd. of Newcastle on Tyne. Specifically built for the coastal towing business her gross tonnage was 260, with an engine power of 1,140 i.h.p. this was quite a high power for ships of her day. Fitted with two sets of towing hooks, an unusual feature for tugs of her size, the after one was used for towing lighters on the river Tyne.
Model has a plain GRP hull with CNC cut superstructure and deck, screen printed overlays and over 300 cast white metal fittings, including the ships crew and the ships dog.To complete the kit, all the necessary timber, cordage and vacuum formed lifeboats are supplied. As the Joffre saw service through two world wars it gives scope for additional detailing and a wartime paint scheme.

Scale: 1:48
Length: 775mm
Beam 190mm
North Light, Clyde PufferThis is a representative model of a typical small coaster from the Western Isles of Scotland, known to all ship lovers as a 'Clyde Puffer'. The GRP hull carries full external detail, riveting, strakes etc.
Kit contains all necessary mouldings, printed overlays, CNC cut wood parts, drawings and diagrams for assembly. There are over 200 white metal fittings and it is in their authenticity and feel that the charm of this finished model shows. Awarded a gold medal at the Nuremburg Toy Fair of 1984 it was a first for any British kit manufacturer and a first for any marine model kit from around the world. This kit also fills a corner for the static modeller looking for a cased model that is a little different. Crew member figures are included.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 660mm
Beam 178mm
Marie Felling, Habour TugThe Marie Felling was built by Earls of Hall and launched in 1928. Designed by the same team as the Imara, she was a Crown Colony Contracts vessel and judging by the margin notes of the contract, gave rise to the many improvements incorporated in the later Imara, especially with regard to accommodation. Both were designed for the same type of harbour work. From the deck layout up, the Marie Felling is an unusual and appealing vessel. From the single lifeboat carried cross ship on the sub deck atop the forward saloon and the raised bridge on stilts, not to mention the cross passage through the single superstructure, the massive plain funnel and open funnel deck all combine to give this vessel a unique charm.
Model hull is fully detailed, as is the two part superstructure and funnel. All these parts are moulded in GRP. Deck and bridge are ply, with a printed ply overlay. Fittings are cast white metal. The superstructure is easily removable to allow easy access to the hull making this model ideal for steam propulsion. The kit is available in either single or twin screw versions.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 1105mm
Beam 292mm

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S.S. Talacre, Single Hatch CoasterThe SS Talacre is a typical single hatch coaster used in the coal trade of a type that was found by the hundreds around the coast of the U.K. in the golden era of steam. Designed for Point of Ayr Collieries by Crichton, Thompson & Co Ltd., of London she was built by Crabtree &Co., of Great Yarmouth in 1917. Talacre was named after a small village near the colliery. Talacre was finally scraped in 1959 by the Hammond Lane Foundry in Dublin. Realism leaps out of the completed model, as if a turn of a valve will start the anchor windlass or the cargo winch clattering away and the lagged steam pipes to begin steaming and drying out.
The hull is of GRP fully detailed on the exterior with plating, double riveting and strakes. The whole package is complete with CNC cut plywood, printed overlays, funnel material, hatch cover, moulded ships boats, mast and boom material, cargo material, rigging cord, transfers, detailed drawings and instruction book, crew members and all cast white metal fittings to complete.

Scale: 1:48
Length: 863mm
Beam 152mm
Cumbrae, Clyde PilotA working boat with the lines and elegance of a yacht this Clyde Pilot cutter of the 60's - 70's era can be summed up as a 'boaters' boat. It looks like a modern motor vessel designed and built by an Edwardian yard and it has to be seen on the water to be appreciated to the full.
The hull is of GRP with full plating and rivet detail on the exterior. Ships boat and funnel are styrene mouldings. The remainder of the model consists of die-cut ply parts, printed deck and wheelhouse overlays and all associated materials that are required. Instruction booklet and drawings, dowel, wire, rod, chain, rigging cord, transfers, prop and prop shaft make up our usual kit package topped off with a comprehensive set of white metal fittings. Drop the side gratings and watch your pilot grab the hand rails and step back aboard.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 864mm
Beam 203mm
Sir Kay, MinesweeperOne of eight vessels named after the Knights of the Round Table and which were to be known as the Round Table Class of minesweeper. Based on a well proven hull design of a trawler 'The Star of Orkney' built by Hall Russell of Aberdeen. Our kit is based on one built by Hall Russell & Co. Ltd. and given the pennant no T241. All eight of the Round Table Class minesweepers survived the war and were sold out of service and conserved to conventional steam trawlers. Every inch of this model is stamped with realism and is a feast of detail.
A GRP hull with moulded external detail forms the basis of the model plus styrene funnel, carley float, and boat mouldings. Superstructure and deck are of CNC cut ply with a printed deck overlay. Complete with all necessary rod, dowel, wire etc. and a comprehensive cast white metal fittings pack allow the builder to create their own masterpiece.

Scale: 1:48
Length: 933mm
Beam 165mm
Imara, Twin Screw Habour TugTypical of many of the period 'Imara' was a twin screw harbour tug, built to a Crown Colonies contract for delivery to Dares-Salaam. Thereafter she had a colourful history, ultimately entering Royal Naval service where she was renamed 'Perseverance'.
Although impossible to describe in detail the features of a model with over 1,400 parts the the following are the most outstanding. Hull, main and rear deckhouse and funnel are moulded in GRP with all rivet and plating detail faithfully reproduced. All decks, wheelhouse etc. are CNC cut from high quality Birch ply. Deck overlays are pre-printed with planking detail. Almost 800 fittings manufactured in high grade alloy of superb quality, with many unique features too numerous to list. It even includes the pantry, sink, jugs, cups, saucers, plates, tables and chairs for the saloon. Lifeboats are moulded in styrene with separate interior mouldings and all furniture included. A comprehensive instruction book including a detailed history of the full sized vessel and two highly detailed construction drawings. Single and twin screw versions of the hull are available. The twin twin screw version is true to scale, and the single screw version allows for easy installation of a steam plant.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 1105mm
Beam 292mm
Brannaren, Swedish Coastel TankerThe Brannaren was representative of a small coastal tanker of the early thirties, of a size and type to be found all around the world. Built in Malmo and completed in 1933, the Brannaren first saw service in the Swedish Navy before being sold to private owners. Few scale model manufacturers dare include a tanker in their range, such is their complexity. The Brannaren is a must in any serious modellers collection.
The hull is a fully detailed GRP moulding, decks and superstructure are high quality precision cut birch ply with printed overlays. The pipe work around the decks and their valves form the main and unique feature of the Brannaren. Installation has been made easier by the nature of the fittings and the accurate separate underlay drawing provided. A full compliment of white metal fittings along with all dowel, wire and cordage make the finished model.

Scale: 1:48
Length: 1067mm
Beam 190mm
Milford Star, Side TrawlerThis small attractive side trawler, so typical of the thirties and forties was a conversion to a peace time trawler from one of eight Round Table Class minesweepers built around 1943 for war service. The design is based on the hull lines of Star of Orkney, a trawler built in 1936.
The hull is a fully detailed GRP moulding with CNC cut ply deck and superstructure A full set of white metal fittings, dowel, tube, rod etc. to complete the model as illustrated. The Milford Star benefits greatly from the added paraphernalia of nets, buoys and ropes. Internal lighting can be added to give additional realism to those late night Summer and Autumn sailings.

Scale: 1:48
Length: 933mm
Beam 165mm
Alte Liebe, Habour TugAlmost every day for nearly thirty years the tug boat 'Alte Liebe' could be seen in Cuxhaven Harbour under full steam. She was used as a Pilot, Fireboat and Salvage tug. Built in 1931 by the Nobiskrug Gmbh shipyard at Rendsburg on an order from Wasserstrabbendirektion Hamburg, she was launched on 2nd September 1931 and after further test launches on 12th and 14th November went into service at Cuxhaven on December 6th 1931. The building price was 198,100 Reichsmark. Powered by a triple expansion steam engine built by Christiansen & Myer. The boiler was a single cylinder tube boiler with return flue. Maximum pressure of 14 bar, power output of the engine was 300hp at 210rpm. Alte Liebe is now at Hamburg renamed Kirstin, with a complete superstructure change and a diesel engine.
A fully moulded GRP hull with plating and rubbing strake detail is complemented with CNC cut ply deck and superstructure. Printed ply overlays are provided along with a comprehensive fittings kit to complete the model. The fully removable superstructure makes this model ideal for steam plant installation.

Scale: 1:25
Length: 984mm
Beam 262mm

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Schaarhorn, Steam YachtSchaarhorn was built in 1908 and used as the Hamburg state Yacht, in 1973 Schaarhorn was sold and brought to the U.K. In 1990 she was sold to a preservation society in Hamburg and fully restored. It is now used for pleasure cruises. The model was built using original drawings as well as photographs taken of the restored vessel.
The hull is a fully detailed GRP moulding. Superstructure and deck are CNC cut ply with printed ply overlays. Ships boats are styrene mouldings. Bow and stern decorative scroll work, ships name, saloon windows and door furniture are etched brass. Over 800 fittings are cast from high quality white metal (with 34 for the anchor windlass alone). All wood dowel, rod, wire and cordage are supplied to make this a model to be proud of.

Scale: 1:35
Length: 1140mm
Beam 180mm

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Modellen Tijdschrift Artikelen
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Resolve, Salvage TugDue to the depletion of the naval tug fleet during the 1914 - 1918 war, the Royal Navy decided to replace the older tugs with several classes of purpose built naval tugs. Largest and most powerful of these were the 'Resolve' class. Six were built in this class between 1917 and 1919. Resolve was fitted with a quick firing 12pdr. gun for defence when on convoy duty or coastal tows during war time (the Resolve can also be painted with a war time colour scheme). Resolve remained in the Royal Navy until 1950 when she was sold to messers James Scott and Co. Ltd. for breaking up.
This kit brings marine model kits into the 21st century. With seven sheets of CNC cut ply including paneling for the various cabins and screen printed overlays where necessary. Over 300 brass etched fittings and over 750 white metal fittings (forward anchor windlass has over 40 parts alone) make this the most detailed Caldercraft kit to-date. Funnels and hull are moulded in GRP with plating detail. All wood, dowel, rod, rigging cord and ships boats to complete the kit are provided.

Scale: 1:48
Length: 1165mm
Beam 230mm
Motor Fifie, AmaranthThe Motor Fifie 'Amaranth' was built originally as a Sailing Herring Drifter. However, due to the expansion of the Steam powered fishing fleet, Fifie owners fitted these boats with small oil powered motors to enable them to compete. Fifie's were popular and very successful fishing boats. They continued to be built until the early thirties and were still earning money for their owners two decades later.
This kit is based on a one piece ABS vac formed hull. CNC cut ply parts make the kit an ideal introduction to the world of marine modeling. As well as cast white metal fittings the kit is supplied with a motor mount, propshaft and propeller, vac formed lifeboat and a pre-stitched sail. The model is designed to take Radio Control or can be built for display.

Scale: 1:40
Length: 600mm
Beam 170mm
RyhopeA fiberglass hull with external detail of plates & strakes, yet is essentially smooth showing only the weld lines of the plates. Deck & superstructure is of die-cut ply, boats & funnel are styrene moldings and all other necessary parts including prop shaft and fittings pack is included to finish this model.

Length 553mm
Width 178mm
Scale 1:48
GarnockLength 500mm
Beam 144mm
Scale 1:48
RivermanThe model has a two part molded styrene hull with all round flange joint and a molded stub funnel. All other parts are of die-cut ply complemented by a superb set of cast white metal fittings and the package is complete with drawings, instruction book, prop shaft and propeller, kort nozzle and all necessary wire, rod dowel, tube etc., to complete the model as illustrated. This model offers much scope to the builder who wishes to customize their model.

Length 775mm
Beam 190mm
Scale 1:32
WestbourneA one piece fiberglass Hull forms the basis of this model. Deck & Superstructure are CNC Cut with screen printed overlays where required. Over 300 White Metal Fittings, Vacformed Ship’s Boats, Crew Figures, Ship’s Dog and All Necessary Dowel, Wire, Cord and Plans along with Instruction Manual make this Kit ideal as an introduction to modeling.

Length 675mm
Width 153mm
Scale 1:48
DianaDesigned from original Admiralty plans and contains: CNC cut timber, brass 18 & 9 pound cannons, dbl. plank on frame construction, black & natural hemp for rigging, 2300 1/64 scale copper plates, full size plans and comprehensive instruction manual & drawings.

L – 46.5” X B – 16.5”
AgamenonKit contains double plank on frame Hull, Brass Cannons, 4-Sheets of Detailed Brass Etched Parts. CNC Cut Walnut & Ply Components. Black & Natural Rigging Hemp. Fully Detailed Full Size Plans and a Comprehensive Construction Manual.

51” x 9.25”
Mary RoseDesigned in cooperation with the Mary Rose Trust, it is the most accurate of it’s kind on a Tudor Warship. CNC cut bulkheads & keel from birch ply, CNC cut in walnut, dbl. plank on frame construction in lime & walnut, Tanganijka deck planking, rigging thread, rigging blocks, brass etched & white metal cast fittings, 8 sheets of full plans and construction manual.

L – 28.92” X B – 10.03”
JalouseKit contains 8 – 6 Pdr. Guns, 10 Swivel Guns, Walnut CNC Cut Parts, Double Plank on Bulkhead Hull, Black & Natural Hemp for Rigging. Full Size Plans and Comprehensive Instruction Manual included.

32.5 x 12.5
Yacht ChathamContains all necessary cast decoration; Walnut CNC cut parts; Double plank on bulkhead construction; Black & natural hemp for rigging & Photo etch brass detail, including window frames. Full size plans and comprehensive building instructions aid to make a highly attractive model which wouldn't look out of place in anyone's home.

L – 21” X B – 8”
James BraidwoodThis model has a one piece fiberglass molded hull, die-cut timber parts with screen printed overlay. The water monitor has been designed to give a working appearance with the optional water pump.

1/24 Scale 35” x 8.25”
CruiserKit includes: 18 brass & 6 pdr. guns, walnut CNC parts, double plank on frame hull, black & natural hemp for rigging and full size plans & comprehensive instruction book.

L – 33.5” X B – 12.5”
BallahooKit includes Four 12 pdr. carronades; Walnut CNC cut parts; Double plank on bulkhead construction & black & natural hemp for rigging.

Full size plans and a comprehensive instruction manual make this kit the ideal introduction to plank on bulkhead modeling.

L – 21” X B – 4”
PCF Patrol BoatThe armament forms the main feature of the PCF, Twin forward open turreted 0.5" Browning machine gun. On the plane at high speed or simply cruising the PCF shows excellent performance on the water, its twin rudders and propellers always guaranteeing excellent handling.

1/16 Scale 37.5” x 10”
GranadoDouble plank on bulkhead construction in lime and walnut, complete with pre-cut gun port strip ~ no need to tediously mark on and cut the gun ports yourself; 10 turned brass 4pdr cannons complete with wooden carriages; 12 turned brass 0.5pdr swivel guns; 1x13" and 1x10" brass mortars; highly detailed brass etched components; profiled brass rails; precision CNC cut and profiled walnut and ply components; all required blocks, black and natural hemp for rigging; 9 fully detailed actual scale plans and two comprehensive step by step color instruction manuals including technical drawings and constructional photos of the prototype.

1/64 SCALE

31” X 13”
BrigGreat for the novice builder. This Kit is CNC Cut for accuracy. Fittings Include: Cannon, Anchors, Windows, Blocks etc. Rigging thread in black & natural. Kit Instructions take you step by step through the construction process along with Full Size Plans with Exploded Diagrams.

30.11” x 9.83”
SherbourneKit includes:
8- 3pdr Guns; 10 swivel guns; Walnut CNC cut parts; Double plank on bulkhead hull; Black & natural hemp for rigging; Full size plans and comprehensive instruction manual making this an ideal introduction to plank on bulkhead modeling.

Cutters evolved during the second quarter of the Eighteenth Century in Southeast England as swift channel vessels. They soon gained a deserved reputation for their speed, which was not unnoticed by smugglers who soon adopted the Cutter as their preferred smuggling craft. In turn, Cutters were employed by the British Customs Service to counter the smugglers. Cutters carried a large disproportional area of sail for their size and also served as advice yachts, packet boats and, during wartime, privateers. The Sherbourne was built as a revenue vessel for the Customs Service. She was designed by Sir Thomas Slade, the designer of the famous Victory and was built and launched in 1763. After over 20 years of service, Sherbourne was sold in 1784 ~ a remarkably long career for such a small vessel.

19” X 8”
MarsKit Contains 18 Brass – 6 Pdr. Guns, 10 Swivel Guns, Walnut CNC Cut Parts, Double Plank on Bulkhead Hull, Black & Natural Hemp for Rigging. Full Size Plans and Comprehensive Instruction Manual. Kit shown as fitted out for Royal Naval Service.

32” x 12.5”
Mortar10” Mortar, four (4) 18 Pdr. Corronades. Walnut CNC Cut Parts, Double Plank on Bulkhead Construction with Black and Natural Hemp for Rigging.

Full Size Plans with Comprehensive Instruction Manual make this an attractive and unusual vessel ideal as an introduction to Plank on Bulkhead Modeling.

24” x 8”
Isis-PeruvianOriginally built in 1900, has a fully detailed fiberglass hull and a large lift-off superstructure. This model is ideal for the installation of a “ Steam Plant.”

1/16 Scale 34” x 8”
Ocean-CrestSub deck & superstructure are cut using the latest CNC cutting equipment to ensure accurate fit of parts. One piece fiberglass hull with molded in rubbing strakes, screen printed overlays, vacuum formed plastic life boat, funnel & carley floats with over 300 cast white metal fittings and all wood cordage and dowel to complete as illustrated.

1/30 Scale
SnakeKit includes: 18 cast carronade, double plank on frame hull, walnut CNC parts, 900 copper plates, black & natural hemp for rigging, full size plans and comprehensive instruction book.

L – 36” X B – 24”
Sea-QueenCNC Components, Timber, Glazed Windows & Framing, Portholes, Engine Mount, R/C Platform, 17” Stainless Steel Propshaft, Coupling Unit, Hull matched 12V Low Drain, High Torque Electric Motor, Brass Prop, Rudder, Searchlight, Fairleads, Ship’s Wheel, Cleats, Side light (red), Side light (green), Horn (2-tone), Jack Staffs, Anchor,
Comprehensive instruction manual and scale plan sheets.
CeliaThe hull is a one piece styrene molding as is the lower wheel house. Decks, upper wheel house and hatches are die-cut styrene and molded window glazing fits into the wheel house openings. Fittings are of white metal and are dominated by the large hydraulic trawl winch. This model is deceptive in size and when well ballast gives a superb on the water performance. It gives an impression of size not borne out by the measurements.

1/16 Scale 27” x 10.25”
PeggyThe kit contains over 450 cast white metal fittings, a fully detailed GRP hull and superstructure. Deck overlay and cabin are screen printed ply with the main deck and other superstructures CNC cut ply. A full size plan and a comprehensive building manual complete this fine kit.

1/48 Scale 49” x 9.5”
VictoryDouble plank on bulkhead construction in lime and walnut, complete with pre-cut gun port strips ~ no more need to tediously mark on and cut out the gun ports yourself; 5 different sizes of turned brass cannons; Carronades; 8 sheets of brass etched components; 3 different profiled brass rails; CNC cut walnut and ply components, profiled where necessary; All new scale turned wood belaying pins, support pillars and staircase balusters; All necessary blocks and black / natural hemp for rigging; All 4 ships boats, all new scale copper plates.

18 sheets of fully detailed actual size plans and a comprehensive, full color, step-by-step instruction manual including constructional photos of the prototype.
As well as this, the kit also includes the timber work to produce the model to the current specifications as she stands in Portsmouth, for example timberheads, capping and hammock cranes for the forecastle.