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Meer dan 50 jaar geleden startte Artesania Latina in een klein appartement in Barcelona. Inmiddels is het uitgegroeid tot één van de belangrijkste internationale merken voor scheepsmodellen.
Lengte: 605mm
Hoogte: 350mm
Breedte: 130mm

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Amsterdam Tug BoatArtesania Latina Amsterdam AL20201 RC Ready Tug Boat 1:50 This is a rare find Artesania Latina Amsterdam RC Tug Boat from my boat collection. The Amsterdam tugboat was built at the Johan Alkers shipyard in Hamburg, Germany in 1971. It was specially built to handle and serve very large ships and tankers of this modern age. The other sister ships were built called Malabar, Tenace & Centaur, these are serving at the moment with the French Navy. This tug boat model kit features a strong ABS plastic hull and pre-cut wooden superstructure. The kit includes propeller, prop shaft, rudder, plus all the plastic and metal fittings needed to complete the model. You requires radio gear to complete if you want to work on radio control for this tug boat model. Specifications : Scale 1:50Length: 1060mm (41.7”)Height: 600mm (23.6”)Width: 280mm (11”)

Van deze boot is er een tijdschrift artikel [of meer dan 1] te vinden op de pagina
Modellen Tijdschrift Artikelen
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HellenMaßstab 1:20
Länge 858 mm
Breite 240 mm
Höhe 620 mm
Tuna Boat Carmen IIWooden model of the tuna boat from Cantabrian Sea called Carmen II. This naval modeling kit includes all the parts necessary to build it: woods, threads, prefabricated metal parts... This model ship measures 23.03'' (585mm) length, 13.97'' (355mm) height and 6.69'' (170mm) width.
Trawler Mare NostrumBuild the wooden model ship at 1:35 scale of this mythical fishing boat from the Mediterranean Sea: the trawler Mare Nostrum. Designed for intermediate modelers, it will also appeal to more experienced ones thanks to all the fine details included in the kit.
Tuna Boat Marina IISpanish fishing ship wooden model called Marina II belongs to a naval modeling kit recommended for advanced modelers. With the purchase of this tuna boat from Cantabrian Sea modeling kit, you will have all the necessary parts to build its 1:50 scale fishing ship model.
Tuna Boat Marie JeanneShip modeling kit of Marie Jeanne, French fishing boat, a beautiful wooden ship model at 1:50 scale. Building the new faithful replica of this tuna boat provides the intermediate level modeler with a friendlier and easier assembly experience.
Arab Dhow SultanWooden model 1:60 scale of the classic Arab ship called dhow: Sultan. An incredible and natural naval modeling work that will move you to times and remote places, an essential art piece for any modeler.
French Cutter Jolie BriseWooden model of the French cutter Jolie Brise at 1:50 scale. It is a modeling kit recommended for modelers with an intermediate level of skills. With this French model, you will have all the necessary parts to complete it.
French Cutter Le RenardEnjoy building this 1:50 scale wooden model of this French boat of the category cutter: Le Renard. It is a legendary corsairs ship, which even still sailing the seas today.
Canadian Fishing & Regattas Schooner Bluenose IIBeautiful wooden model ship at 1:75 scale of the well-known Canadian fishing and regatta schooner of the 20th century Bluenose II. Aimed at modelers with at least an intermediate level of skills. The ship model kit contains high quality parts.
Training Ship Juan Sebastián Elcano & EsmeraldaFind out the new modeling kit for the construction of the wooden and plastic model of the Spanish training ship Juan Sebastian Elcano. This 1:250 scale model is aimed at beginners modelers, the assembly experience is ideal for them.
Zuiderzee Botter 1912Afmetingen:
Lengte: 475mm
Hoogte: 375mm
Breedte: 115mm
• Lengte: 660 mm
• Hoogte: 192 mm
• Breedte: 130 mm
• Schaal: 1:80
Motorised Atlantis Fishing BoatA new concept in the world of modelling. Combining a very simple but strong assembly system and high quality materials, Artesania's tugboat is suitable for both beginner and experienced modellers who want to take one further step and jump into the world of radio-control. This boat is developed both to be a static model as well as to make it navigable via the 2 Channel RC Package - sold separately.
High quality plywood boards with Laser pre-cut parts, Engine, shaft and propeller, Brass accessories, die-cast parts, Sticker with name, etc. Complete and detailed step by step instructions and video tutorials on DVD.
2 Channel RC Package includes (sold separately):
2-Channel 2.4GHz Stick Transmitter
5-Channel Receiver
Instruction Manual
NiMH Battery Charger
7.2v NiMH Battery
Speed Controller 15 amp Plug & Play
EileenA fine 28in, model of a motor fishing keel-boat vessel. Not originally built as a working model, Eileen can, however, be powered by medium sized electric motors. Scale 1:24. Beam 8in