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Aligator ToursLearning to drive a full-size airboat can take months. But with the Mini Alligator Tours
Airboat, getting comfortable behind the wheel takes just a few minutes. No wonder: since there's nothing to build or buy*, you can be on the water and learning to do skid turns almost immediately. It's a simple little boat that virtually anyone can enjoy. And the best part of it is, that's it's just as affordable as it is fun to run!
Only requires 8 "AA" batteries for transmitter.

HULL: ABS construction, white in color with lengthwise strakes to maintain stability,
and factory installed foam flotation for safety
MOTOR: 380 size, brushed
RADIO: AquaCraft 2-channel AM pistol grip with servo reverse, throttle and steering
trim. Waterproof ESC/receiver and micro steering servo.
RUDDERS: Twin air rudders with adjustable single link between steering servo and
rudders for fast response
CAGE: Injection molded plastic
PROPELLER: Molded plastic
BATTERY: 6-cell, 1100mah NiMH with JST connector
BATTERY CHARGER: 12v DC quick field charger
REQUIRES: 8 AA batteries for transmitter
Length 18-1/4" Height 7-1/4" Width 7" ENTRY LEVEL
VelaHull: Fiberglass with pre-applied graphics and deck detail, rigging line fasteners snap into eyelets in the deck for fast, easy sail setup Main Mast: Competition-grade carbon fiber mast Mainsail and Jib Booms: Aluminum Sails: Constructed of fiber reinforced thermal plastic polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) with extra reinforcement along the edges for protection against wind gusts and during transport, sails are printed on one side to help with orientation at a distance Radio: Tactic TTX242 2.4GHz 2-channel dedicated sailboat radio with TSX382 high-torque sail winch servo Keel/Rudder: Strong rigid material Stand: Wooden Assembly Time: Ready to sail in approximately one hour Warranty: AquaCraft warrants the Vela for 90 days after the purchase from defects in materials or workmanship of original manufacture. AquaCraft, at their option, will repair or replace at no charge, the incorrectly made part. This warranty does not cover damage caused by crash, abuse, misuse, alteration or accident.
INCLUDES: AquaCraft Vela ONE Meter Racing Sailboat, 2.4GHz Radio w/sail winch servo, wooden stand and instruction manual

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AtlanticLength 30-1/4" Height 19" Width 9-3/4" ENTRY LEVEL
Flip a switch and your lights come on and you're ready to run at night
Includes R/C equipment, running hardware, lights and stand. Comes completely assembled and painted as seen in photo.
Bristol BayHull Length: 33.5 in (850 mm)
Beam: 8.8 in (220 mm)
Total Height: 29 in (737 mm)
Includes: 2-channel AquaCraft radio made by Futaba®, direct drive 550-size motor, forward/reverse ESC, operational lighting system, 3-blade metal prop, boat stand
Requires: 6-cell NiCd/NiMH battery & (10) "AA" batteries
Aligator Tours [Mini]SPECIFICATIONS:
Hull Length: 18.25 in (465 mm)
Beam: 7 in (175 mm)
RTR Weight: 24.6 oz (695 g)
Requires: (8) "AA" batteries
Hull Length: 14.3 in (360 mm)
Beam: 4.8 in (120 mm)
RTR Weight: 16 oz (455 g)
Includes: 2-channel AquaCraft FM pistol grip radio with waterproof receiver and 1 mini servo; 380-size water-cooled motor; waterproof electronic speed control; 1100mAh NiMH battery; 12V DC charger
Length: 17.5 in (445 mm)
Beam: 8 in (205 mm)
RTR Weight: 18.4 oz (520 g)
Requires: (8) "AA" batteries
Hull Length: 14.8 in (375 mm)
Beam: 5 in (125 mm)
RTR Weight: 16.9 oz (480 g)
Requires: (8) "AA" batteries
Hull Length: 32.3 in (820 mm)
Beam: 13.8 in (350 mm)
RTR Weight: 5 lb (2.27 kg)
Includes: SuperTigre® .18 water-cooled marine engine with tuned Q-18 Quiet Pipe, Super Start™ handheld engine starter, Tactic™ 2.4GHz radio system, assembled and finished fiberglass hull, boat stand, tools
Requires: (8) "AA" batteries & glow fuel
Stock Number: AQUB1805
Hull Length: 16 in (405 mm)
Beam: 5.5 in (140 mm)
Weight: 10 oz (285 g)
Includes: Water-cooled 2800kV brushless motor, 20A ESC with Deans® Ultra Plug® connector, Tactic™ 2.4GHz radio system
Requires: 11.1V 1000mAh LiPo battery w/Deans® Ultra Plug® connector & (4) "AA" batteries
Stock Number: AQUB2100
Hull Length: 29.5 in (750 mm)
Beam: 10.4 in (265 mm)
RTR Weight: 4.1 lb (1.84 kg)
Includes: Water-cooled 6-pole 1800kV brushless motor, 60A ESC w/4 mm bullet connectors and Deans® Ultra Plug® connector, Tactic™ 2.4GHz radio system
Requires: (2) 7.4V 4200mAh LiPo batteries & (4) "AA" batteries
Hull Length: 26 in (660 mm)
Height: 50.5 in (1285 mm)
Beam: 5.25 in (135 mm)
Weight: 3 lb (1.36 kg)
Requires: 12 "AA" batteries
Stock Number: AQUB14**
Hull Length: 15 in (380 mm)
Beam: 5.3 in (145 mm)
Includes: 2-channel pistol grip radio w/1 mini servo and ESC, 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH battery pack and 30-minute 12V field charger.
Requires: (8) "AA" batteries
Hull Length: 51.5 in (1300 mm)
Beam: 13.5 in (340 mm)
Weight: 14.25 lb (6.4 kg)
Includes: Zenoah G260PUM 26 cc marine gas engine, Tactic 2.4GHz radio system, high-performance GrimRacer hardware, self-oiling drive system
Requires: standard unleaded gasoline, 2-cycle oil, cable oil & (8) "AA" batteries
Hull Length: 25.5 in (645 mm)
Beam: 6.4 in (160 mm)
Weight: 26.4 oz (750 g)
Includes: Tactic TTX240 2.4GHz radio system, water-cooled 550-size motor, 25A ESC, boat stand
Requires: 6- or 7-cell NiCd/NiMH battery & (4) "AA" batteries
Hull Length: 27 in (685 mm)
Beam: 8.1 in (205 mm)
RTR Weight: 3.5 lb (1.59 kg)
Includes:Tactic TTX240 2.4GHz radio system with SX100 servo, water-cooled 1800kV brushless motor, 45A brushless ESC with Deans® Ultra Plug® connector, boat stand
Requires: (2) 6-cell NiMH batteries with Deans Ultra Plug connector & (4) "AA" batteries
Supervee 27 NitroSPECIFICATIONS:
Hull Length: 27 in (686 mm)
Beam: 8.13 in (205 mm)
Height: 5.5 in (140 mm)
RTR Weight (w/o batteries): 3.4 lb (1.55 kg)
Engine: AquaCraft .18 engine with tuned pipe (included)
Radio: AquaCraft 2-channel radio (included)
Requires: nitro boat fuel, fuel bottle, glow plug, glow plug ignitor, 12 "AA" batteries
Stock Number: AQUB0007
Hull Length: 30 in (765 mm)
Beam: 10.5 in (265 mm)
Weight: 3.5 lb (1.60 kg)
Requires: 2-channel radio with 1 high-torque and 1 standard servo & .21 in³ (3.5 cc) outboard engine
Hull Length: 27.0 in (685 mm)
Beam: 14.25 in (360 mm)
Weight: 4.9 lb (2.21 kg)
Requires: (2) 7.4V, 3200mAh 20C LiPo battery packs & (4) "AA" batteries
Hull Length: 28 in (710 mm)
Beam: 11 in (280 mm)
Weight: 2.4 lb (1.09 kg)
Requires: 2-channel radio with 1 mini and 1 high-torque standard servo & .21 in³ (3.5 cc) outboard engine
Swamp Air BoatSpecifications –
Length 44cm
Width 19cm
Height 22cm
Cajun CommanderSpecification
Length: 27.5 in (699 mm)
Beam: 14.5 in (368 mm)
Height: 12.5 in (318 mm)
Weight: 4.6 lb (2.1 kg)

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