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Amati, opgericht in Turijn in 1879, stond oorspronkelijk bekend als specialist in de kunst van het houtsnijwerken. Vandaag de dag kunnen we rekenen op een groot en divers aanbod van modellen, voor elk wat wils: van de beroemde en mooie America’s Cup Yachts tot historische galjoenen, wereldberoemde stoomschepen en onderzeeërs.
Riva AquaramaThe Riva Aquarama appeared on the market in 1963 as a development of the twin engined Tritone. It is the last heir of the well known tradition of mahogany runabouts. In fact it is still built today as 30 years ago.

The kit includes:
Laser cut Wooden hull components, Double Planking, Simulated Leather Seats, Brass Chromed Parts, Detailed Interiors, Plans and Instructions.

Fit for Electric Motor, Fit for Radio Control

All modellers wishing to build this as an R/C model can use the kit expressly designed for it following the instructions given on the booklet.
The optional motor/transmission set is available separately under part number A1608/02 this includes: 2 electric motors, 2 gear boxes, 2 complete shafts and stern tubes, 2 propellers, 2 complete tillers, electronic speed controller.

Scale 1:10
Length: 850mm
DoradeDorade is considered the very first modern yacht. It appeared in Europe in 1931 at the Fastnet, sailed by the two Stephens brothers Rod and Olin.
At first sight Dorade seemed to be too thin and delicate even though it won the Transatlantic Regata doubling Fastned first, all alone.
In 1932 it won the Bermuda regata and in 1933 it defeated all participants the Fastnet.
At that time the "Times" entitled it as "the smallest amazing yacht of the Ocean regata
ever built."

Amati's easy-to-build kit features one-piece ABS plastic hull fitted with a laser cut wooden interior structure. The wooden deck is covered with individual planking strips. A wealth of wooden and turned brass fittings, photo-etched brass detailing, two diameters of rigging line, Dacron sailcloth and wooden masts provide authentic detailing. Four sheets of plans and illustrated instruction manual make building trouble-free. Experienced modelers can equip this fabulous model for radio control.

Scale 1:20
Length: 856mm
Height: 1028mm
Arno XI FerrariAt the beginning of the Sixties Nando Dell'Orto, the famous motorboat racer, decided to put a 12 cylinder Ferrari engine on a 3 point hull prepared by the Cantieri Timossi shipyard. The hull was designed for inboard races (class 800 kgs).
The engine was prepared by Rinaldo Tinarelli, who was known as "the wizard" , the structure of the hull was made of wooden joists covered with marine plywood.
The engine fairing and the stern fin, both colored in Ferrari red and with Ferrari markings, became a symbol of power and aggressiveness.

Kit includes all wooden laser cut structure; double planking in plywood and mahogany; already made fairing and stern fin ; steel dashboard and details; resin exhaust system and rudder.

Scale 1:8
Length: 790mm
BluenoseBluenose, a 285 tons schooner, is the fantastic winner of the 1921 "International Fisherman's Trophy". This regata was held, alternate year, off Lunenberg in Nova Scotia and Gloucester in New England.
Entry to the contest was strictly confined to genuine fishing vessels. Bluenose was entered for the challenge in 1921 and from then on she won every single race for which she was entered.

Kit includes: pre-cut wooden parts, double planking on bulkhead construction, wooden and metal fittings, masts, spars, rope and sail cloth.

Scale: 1:100
Length: 540mm
BragozzoSymbol of the city of Chioggia and its traditions, the Bragozzo is the most famous fishing boat of the Venetian lagoon. Every Bragozzo is built following the experience of the carpenters, and custon build each vessel according to the customer's requirements.

The kit has pre-cut keel, frames and deck, wood planking and dowel, fittings in both wood and metal, and has details construction plans and manual.

Length: 450mm
FelluccaThe felucca is a small wooden boat with a sharply raked mast and a large triangular sail hanging from a long, two-piece yard. They are light and maneuverable, carrying 10 passengers and a crew of two or three. They still sail the Red Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Nile in Egypt. In America, a fleet of feluccas, built by southern Italian immigrants, thronged San Francisco’s docks before the construction of Fisherman’s Wharf in 1884.

Easy to build, Junior Line. These kits make it possible for all modellers to easily build perfectly scaled ships with quality materials

Length: 410mm
Grand BanksReproduction of a classic Grand Banks boat, nowadays well known all around the world. The construction of these boats began in 1965 from an an idea of Mr. Robert Newton who was looking for a vessel to suit his particular needs. The development started from a working boat, the trawler, quite common in North America and particularly in the New Foundland area where the Grand Banks are located.

Kit includes Glass fibre hull, laser cut planking, laser cut wooden decks, metal, brass and resin fittings, laser cut cabin with detailed interiors. Suitable for radio control.

Scale 1:20
Length: 720mm
Robert E Lee Mississippi Steam BoatThe first highways in America were the great rivers, which permitted the growth of commerce and transport. The advent of steam and a brilliant idea of Fulton and Livingston, first builders of riverboats, permitted the upstream navigation on rivers. The search for speed inspired marvellous competitions. One of the most famous races is that between Natchez and Robert E. Lee, held in 1870 between New Orleans and Saint Louis. After 750 miles of water the Robert E. Lee won the race, covering the distance in 3 days, 18 hours and 14 minutes.

Kit includes solid wooden hull; machine turned smokestacks; photo-etched brass stanchions and decorations; white metal windows, doors, paddlewheels; wooden planking for deck and cabin; metal accessories; plans and detailed instructions.

Scale 1:150
Length: 600mm
Venetian Gondola 1882The most famous and characteristic boat in the venetian lagoon is the gondola, with a flat bottom hull and an asymmetrical shape.
The model represents a gondola dated 1882.

Kit includes wooden precut parts, brass decorations, velvet paper for inside covering, instructions and construction plans.

Length: 570mm
Endeavour Half Hull Version 1:80 ScaleEndeavour J Class yacht half hull version 1:80th scale with geographic map

Length 475mm Half model kit, features prebuilt resin hull; wooden, metal and resin fittings; geographic map and construction plans.
Endeavour America's Cup Challenger (Wood Hull) 1:80 ScaleIn 1934 the schooner Endeavour staked a claim on the America's Cup, winning the first two races. The third regatta was bound to be the most exciting. Unfortunately fate played an unkind trick to Sir Thomas Sopwith, who failed and thus couldn't win the America's Cup.

This kit includes plank on frame construction, laser cut keels and frames, metal and wooden fittings, cloth sails, detailed instructions and construction plans.
Set of tools containing a tack hammer, contour sander and planking clamp.

Scale 1:80
Length: 480mm
Height: 700mm
Rainbow J Class Yacht (Wood Hull) 1:80 ScaleThe Rainbow was designed by Starling Burgess, in order to defend the colours of the United States. The pilot was Mr. Harols S. Vanderbilt, who expressly wanted this yacht to challenge the strong contender Endeavour.

Kit features: Double planked hull with maple and Mahogany strips
Laser cut keel, frames,deck, cabin and skylight templates, Maple deck planking, Wooden mast and boom, Deck fittings in cast metal and brass, Sail material, Instruction manual, Full sized plans with detail sheets, Set of tools containing a tack hammer, contour sander and planking clamp.

Scale 1:80
Length 480mm
Height 700mm
Enterprise J Class Yacht 1:80 ScaleHarold S. Vanderbilt, head of the New York Yacht Club Syndicate, asked to Starling Burgess to design his defender. Burgess designed Enterprise, a technologically sophisticated yacht.
One of the Burgess innovations was the rig of Enterprise and a very large boom, called Park Avenue, that allowed a curve to be put into the foot of the mainsail.
Kit includes pre-built resin hull; high quality wooden deck and planking; metal and wooden fittings; cloth sails.

Pre-Formed Hull
Scale 1:80
Length 460mm
Height 650mm
Shamrock J Class Yacht 1:80 ScaleSir Thomas Lipton launched his fifth challenger, Shamrock V, some ten years after his fourth had lost. For his challenger, Lipton turned once more to Charles Nicholson, who produced a beautiful sloop.
When the races started, Shamrock found herself pitted against Enterprise. In the best-of-seven series Enterprise won four, Shamrock failed to score a single victory.
Kit includes pre-built resin hull; high quality wooden deck and planking; metal and wooden fittings; cloth sails.

Pre-formed resin hull.
Scale 1:80
Length: 445mm
Height: 625mm
Ranger J Class Yacht 1:80 ScaleThis extraordinary America's Cup Defender won 32 races out of 34 without losing a single match race, gaining respect and admiration of all its opponents. The Ranger had been conceived as a unique "regatta machine" and its hull could part the ocean at an incredibile speed.
Kit includes pre-built resin hull, high quality wooden deck and planking, metal and wooden fittings, cloth sails and construction plans.

Pre-formed resin hull.
Scale 1:80
Length: 470mm
Height: 610mm
Constellation America's Cup Defender 1964 1:35 ScaleConstellation was designed by Olin J. Stephens, who had already conceived other America's Cup winners such as the "J" Class Ranger (1937) and the Twelve Metre Class Columbia (1958). Constellation had a wooden hull and an overall windage of 1690 square metres.
R.N. Bavier, the skipper, lead to victory Constellation winning over Sovereign, the British contender.

The kit includes Pre-built resin hull, high quality wooden deck, brass photo-ectched parts, metal and resin fittings, cloth sails, detailed instructions booklet and construction plans.

Scale 1:35
Length: 600mm
Height: 850mm
Columbia America's Cup Defender 1958 1:35 ScaleOlin Stephens brought all his vast and sound experience in the design of the 1958 America's Cup Defender. Columbia was built in the Nevins Yacht Yard under the supervision of Olin Stephens.
This 12 metre yacht had a wooden hull and could sail at very high speed. The skipper Briggs Cunningham inevitably took Columbia to the victory, winning over all contenders.

The kit includes pre-built resin hull, high quality wooden deck and planking, photo-etched metal and wooden fittings, cloth sails and construction plans.

Scale 1:35
Length: 580mm
Height: 810mm
Dutch Royal Yacht in Bottle 1:300 95mmIn 1660 the City of Amsterdam gave a higly decorated yacht like this to Charles II, King of England. The King was so fascinated by this present that he enjoyed calling special races for this kind of boats, which were then called yachting.

This Amati kit boasts the the following features:

Pre-cut hull laminate assembly.
Etched brass, deck, bulwark, mast and cabin assembly
Cannons with cast barrels and carriages.
Various sizes of cord for standing and running rigging.
Multi language instruction manual.
Sail material
Full sized profile and plan drawings with detail sheets to aid construction.
Bottle with turned wooden cap.
H.M.S. PEGASUS 1776H.M.S. Pegasus was the sixth vessel built of the Swan Class of ship rigged sloop, of which twenty five of the class were built from 1766 to 1780.

Pegasus, as with the entire Swan class was designed by Williams; built at Sheerness Dockyard, Tte keel was laid in May 1775 and launched on 27th December 1776.

The Swan class of 6th Rate sloops were unusually attractive for the class of vessel, with not only very sleek hull lines but also the unusual amount of decoration for the size of vessel. They were built just before the Admiralty issued orders to save any unnecessary costs, due to the seemingly ever continuing war with France and other nations.

H.M.S. Pegasus was commissioned mainly for convoy escort and dispatch duty. Pegasus had a very short operation career, foundering off Newfoundland on 31st October 1777.

The Swan Class measured displaced 300 tons. They carried 125 officers and men and initially carried 14 guns (later 16) and 16 swivel guns.

The kit is based upon the original plans of the Pegasus which still exist.
The model includes high precision laser-cut wood parts, photoetched brass and copper parts, complete fittings. (Sails not included).
Very detailed scale drawing
Step-by-step assembly instructions
Length : 800 mm
Height: 600 mm
Scale: 1/64