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MCS MarleneScale 1:30th, 30" long. 10" Beam, The Kit comprises of a Solid GRP Hull, Our famous GRP superstructure, and GRP Funnals & Deck. includes all Fittings and are cast in CTI pewter.
The Model is Twin Screw with fixed Kort Nozzles, and steering Rudders with brass Props +Shafts. It's ideal for steering & tug Towing competitions, Recommend running on 555 motors on 6 volts.
MT NorthsiderGRP hull 49" long. 1 piece superstructure, clinker lifeboat in GRP. Fittings are cast in CTI pewter and include forward winch, bollards, vents, tow-hook, port holes, rollers, hand rails and much more besides. Lifeboats are cast in resin.
Flying PhantomThe model is available as a semi-kit, comprising the hull; including bulwarks, the super-structure as one-piece and a sea-towing winch housing. All moulded in GRP to our usual high standard, together with two sets of full-size plans. To ensure the highest quality, metal fittings are cast in pewter. These include, winches for sea-towing, the anchor and the capstan, tow hook, bollards, forward and after cross, radar, navigation lights, horn, fire-hydrant manifolds, tank vents, funnel exhausts, three fire monitors, louvre vents and doors, port holes, rail stanchions, anchor chain stops and winch controls.
AlfredThe model is available as a semi-kit, scale 1:32, making it 40" long with a beam of 11". The model comprises a GRP hull including bullwarks, our now famous one-piece GRP super-structure, GRP lifeboat and styrene sheet for the deck and two sets of full size plans. To ensure the highest quality, our metal fittings are cast in pewter. These include: sea towing winch, anchor winch, tow hook including travel bar, bollards, radar, navigation lights, gobs, port-holes, steps, searchlight, goose neck vents, deck lights, handrail stanchions and much more besides.
Flying SpindriftThe Flying Spindrift is our most comprehensive kit so far and includes shafts props and kort nozzles that are designed to look like the aqua master units that are fitted to this tug. The Scale of this model is 1:28th which measures: length 40" and beam of 12" & consists of a GRP hull with moulded bulwarks and anchor pockets. Along with a one piece GRP superstructure and two GRP after deck housings styrene sheet for the deck the kit also includes over 250 metal fittings, includes bollards, deck vents, portholes, wheelhouse fittings, + many more, deck fittings include forward & aft towing winch and main mast all of which are models in there own right. There are also two full size plans, photo's and a CD with many more photographs of deck fittings, the model has been produced as built for Clyde Shipping but as you will see buy the photographs there has been some modifications since 1986 if the builder should wish to add these.