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Britse fabrikant van stoomboten met stoommodellen van hoge kwaliteit.
VigilantThe 'Vigilant' was built for the Commissioners of Customs in 1902 for a cost of £5,390. She was powered by a triple expansion engine steamed by a single scotch boiler and attained a speed of eleven knots. Her dimensions are 100 feet, (30.48 metres) between perpendiculars, 108 feet, (32.8 metres) overall, 16 foot, (4.88 metres), beam, 8 foot, (2.44 metres), draught. She was stationed at Gravesend and used for the control and clearance of ships bound for the Port of London. She was also used by the Commissioners for Customs to inspect their posts in ports around the coast. The 'Vigilant' has an interesting history. A Customs Officer recently 'found' her being used as a houseboat in a marsh on the south coast. The Customs Service formed a trust and purchased the vessel. H.M. Customs and Excise kindly provided us with Cox and Co.'s original general arrangement drawing, the mid-ship section, their tender and specification and several photographs. The hull lines were taken directly from her when she was hauled up onto the hard. The model is to 1/24 scale and represents her as she was when launched.
SeekadettThis fine model is based on a drawing in the 1912 catalogue of the long established company of Escher Wyss of Zürich.
Scale 1/12
Length 52" (1340mm)
Beam 8" (200mm)
Max-draught 4" (100mm)
Displacement 20lbs (9.1kg)
TopazA twelfth scale model of a typical Edwardian steam powered river launch, L.O.A. 45.5" (1150mm), beam 8" (203mm), maximum draft 3" (76mm). Displacement 10lbs (4.5kgs)

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OpalThe original vessel was built by the Lune Valley Engineering Company of Lancaster and is illustrated in their 1907 catalogue, discribed as a 35ft steam launch capable of a speed of 12 knots. The model is based on the drawings in the catalogue and is built to a scale of 1:10, thus giving the model a length of 42 ins.
The hull is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic. The deck fittings are all made from brass.
The kit is supplied with a gas fired boiler and double-acting, twin cylinder, reversing engine. The engine is supplied assembled and ready to run; the boiler is likewise, except for the timber cladding. All necessary pipe work is supplied already bent to shape and all the unions have been hard soldered to the pipes.
Lune Valley Stoomboot van 1907
Lengte / Length o.a.: 1060 mm
Schaal / Scale 1 : 10
Waterverplaatsing / Displacement ca 3.6 kg.