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575 YachtRecognised and approved by the model yacht association as a approved class of yacht
The 575 has its very own serial number and can be sailed at any club event
Two set of sails are provided (storm & fair weather) no sail winch is needed
Length 22 5/8" (575mm)
Air Boat I.C.A boat for all seasons which will operate on water snow and ice
This fun craft has a vacuum formed hull and can be fitted with electric or I.C.
Length 24" (610mm) Beam 11 1/2" (292mm)
ArrowFast stable and lots of fun
The ARROW is easy to construct and gives you that off shore power boat look
Timber and ply construction for 6 or 12 volt IC 2.5cc max
Length 25 3/8" (654mm) Beam 7 3/8 (187mm)
GeminiThe Gemini Catamaran can be constructed in just one day
Its simple design makes it easy to sail and will provied its owners with many hours of fun
Adhesive required form completion of this kit
Length 23 1/2" (497mm) Beam 11 1/2" (292mm)
JavelinDynamic styling and offshore performance to match are the hallmarks of the Javelin
Its timber and ply construction will stand up to arduous racing conditions
single or twin electric power, IC up to 10cc
Length 38 1/2 (977mm) beam 10 3/4" (273))
MagnumMoulded from strong styrene and designed to optimise performance to get the best from a 540 electric motor(not supplied)
this very simple to construct pure racing boat will put your driving skills to tthe test.
Length 19 1/2" (495mm) Beam 7 1/4
Pilot BoatThis very comprehensive kit is a true scale model of the Yarmouth and Hartlepool Pilot Boat
It has been scaled down to an accurate 1ft -1" replica Timber and ply construction
Length 33 3/4" (857mm) Beam 10 1/2" (266mm)
SportsmanThe ultimate BIG Game Fishing and Sports Cruiser
A model of classical elegance with its all timber construction
With a choice of power plants for this craft
6 volt electric or single or twin I.C engines from 1.5 to 5cc

Length 33" (838mm) Beam 11 3/4" (298mm)
Sprite MK IIWe all have to begin somewhere and where better than the Lesro Sprite
Simple to construct and equipped with suitable 6 or 12 electric or IC up to 2.5cc
The Sprite performs extremely well
Length 23" (584m) Beam 8" (203mm))
StilettoCreating boat design and lines capable of surviving the passage of time is an art form
and Les Rowell achieved this with the STILETTO
A fast cabin cruiser that is fast and easy to construct
Timber and ply construction for 6 or 12 volt IC up to 2.5cc
Length 25 3/4" (654mm) Beam 7 3/8" (187mm))
Sun TugThe Moulded 35" fiberglass hull and timber components of this kit Will enable you build an accurate working model of this well known Thames Tug based at Greenwich
The kit comes with fittings propeller and shaft and is ideal for electric or steam
Two Channel radio and paint required
Tid TugTid Tug (Excluding Lighters)
During the years 1943 - 1946 Tid Tugs were constructed one a week.
So soundly built were these tugs that many are still in use today.
Now you san create a little piece of history yourself.
Kit comes complete with motor and propshaft
Length 20" (508mm) Beam 5 3/4" (273mm)