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Kyōshō Kabushiki Kaisha is een Japans bedrijf gevestigd in Tokio, dat internationaal opereert onder de naam Kyosho. Het hoofdkantoor van het bedrijf is gevestigd in Chiyoda en het productiehoofdkwartier bevindt zich in Atsugi, Kanagawa.

Kyosho, opgericht in oktober 1963, creëerde zijn eerste handelsmerk radiografisch bestuurbare modelauto in 1970, als een van de oudste RC-makers in Japan en met een breed scala aan producten, waaronder auto’s, vliegtuigen, helikopters en boten. Kyosho produceert ook zeer gedetailleerde gegoten modelauto’s, waarvan de productie in 1992 begon.

Fairwind IIIBoasting more than 20 years of continuous popularity, this famous yacht now features the latest in precision FRP hull design for even higher levels of performance. Having introduced so many people to the best of R/C yachting, the Fairwind has proven itself as one of the longest selling R/C yachts in history. The impressive size and detailed scale form, enhanced further with the FRP hull, realizes the stunning quality finish that makes the Fairwind a center-piece of beauty. However, the Fairwind's true spirit can be found with its excellent on water performance, suitable for outdoor leisure to racing competition. The yacht is fully finished in a Readyset package that includes everything needed (except batteries) to get the yacht sailing on the water. Only a fully functional high quality yacht lets you enjoy the yachting experience, the Fairwind III is the perfect yacht.

Machined aluminum main mast produces excellent strength and rigidity.
Main and jib sails are made from pre-cut nylon spin cloth.
Precision construction and high strength and rigidity are realized through the FRP hull with one-piece keel.
Finished in two-tone white and blue gel coating.
Included water resistant radio box to protect the included radio equipment.
Keel is 30mm longer than previous versions for even greater stability.
Features scale parts such as helm and pulpit for a realistic yacht finish.
Completed deck is also finished in urethane coating. Only a few simple steps needed to make operational.
Mast can be detached without using any tools. Enables compact and convenient transportation.
Includes folding wooden display stand.
4,000g (approx.)
R/C System
2-channel, 2-servo R/C system installed (including 1 sail servo)
Sail Area

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SeawindThis is the Kyosho Seawind Racing Yacht Kit. Based on America's Cup Class racing yachts, the Seawind looks just as good as it sails. Manufactured from hardened ABS and aluminum with tear-resistant main and jib sails, the Seawind builds into a little work of art. The one-piece ABS hull is designed for minimum drag and optimum water penetration. With a model as big as this, transportation could have been a problem. However, Kyosho have designed the Seawind so that the mast, rudder, keel and keel weight can all be easily removed for traveling. The keel weight is covered by a rubber boot for improved appearance and safety to water life. A boat stand is supplied with the kit so that the Seawind can be displayed when not in use as well as offering a stable support during building or when at the boating lake.

Finished one-piece ABS hull so the yacht is easy to complete.
High-strength mast and boom are extruded from hardened aluminum.
Main and jib sails are made from cut and sewn spin cloth.
The keel has an ideal aspect ratio that reduces water resistance and heeling tendency, even in strong winds.
The main mast extends through the deck to the ballast, making the yacht structure more solid. The keel can also be detached.
High-quality yacht fittings adorn the SEAWIND, making it great for indoor display also.
Dual-pull rudder and sail trimming guarantees reliable steering for responsive turning during racing.

Length: 998mm
Width: 226mm
Height: 1,850mm
Weight: 3,000g (approx.)
Sail Area: 39dm2

Needed to Complete:
2 channel Radio with 1 standard servo and (optional) sail servo for improved control

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Sea Dolphin IIThe race belongs to the swift...and with the Kyosho Sea Dolphin 770 to command, you'll be ready for your first win in record time. Though designed for off-shore racing and more experienced competitors, the Sea Dolphin is easy enough for a first-time sailor to assemble and sail. Kyosho's proven manufacturing methods transform building time into easy final assembly, eliminating hours of time at the workbench even as they ensure the Sea Dolphin 770's polished appearance and performance.

With a design based on Whitbread racers, Kyosho's new Sea Dolphin yacht has been designed with racing firmly in mind. The ABS molded hull is fitted with an injection molded bow section to ensure the best hydrodynamic shape in the water - in fact, it simply slices through! The mast and rudder can be easily removed for storage. The two-piece mast is made from aluminum and holds the teteron sails, a polyester fiber material that is reinforced with real sail repair tape! A sealed compartment ensures that all onboard radio control equipment is protected from water. Supplied in kit form, with very good, easy to follow exploded diagram instructions.

Length: 30.3 in (770mm)
Width: 6.5 in (165mm)
Height: 52 in (1320mm)
Weight: 4.3 lbs (1950g)
Sail Area: 363.5 sq in(23.45 sq dm)
Requires: 2-channel radio with 1 standard servo and 1 sail servo
Fortune 612 IIThis is the Kyosho Fortune 612 II ReadySet Sail Boat. The combination of scale detail and sailing performance is easy to enjoy with this Readyset package. The colors of this America's Cup challenger fly high over the water with incredible scale detail realized in a convenient compact sized yacht. The image of America's Cup racing is condensed into a 612mm length hull. The exquisite finish is enhanced with scale parts and painted figurines that make this yacht an impressive interior display, but without compromising the sailing performance.

The renowned Tadashi Kato's design has been optimized for model yacht performance so when the wind fills the sails, the sail shape and aspect ratio together with the exquisite hull and keel design, produce high-efficiency movement. The vivid color scheme of the sails is created with printed PE material that is also strong, durable and water resistant for true racing yacht-like performance. Fully assembled with R/C system pre-installed in a pre-painted hull, only a few simple steps are left to complete before you can start sailing! The detachable rudder and keel also make the yacht convenient for transport. The FORTUNE 612 II provides a real sailing experience with lighthearted enjoyment.


Pre-assembled hull is pre-painted for a high-quality finish. Can be on the water almost straight away.
Printed PE (polyethylene) sail material produces vivid color and superior durability.
Environmentally friendly ballast does not use lead.
Removable mast, rudder & keel makes it light and portable. No tools necessary.
Bulb keel results in less resistance for real yacht-like control feeling.

Pre-assembled and pre-painted hull with R/C system installed and decals applied
PERFEX KT-1 Stick type 2-channel, 2-servo R/C system
Aluminum boat stand

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Oracle BMW Racing USA-76Making waves at big racing regattas including the americas cup, the usa-76 is now available in a handy-sized r/c version. With the cooperation of the main sponsor oracle bmw racing, the finished results are breathtaking. The abs injection molded hull is artfully finished in high quality paint and fitted out in minute detail. The additional 5 sailor figures included (also sold separately as a set of 5 / no. F026) are each formed as if they were performing their respective tasks during a race to capture the air of tension and teamwork. It even creates that atmosphere as a display model, so you can imagine its bow cutting through the swell. Although its high quality finish would make you think it was for display only, it is actually a fully operational high performance yacht and not only includes mast and sails, but is also complete with installed radio control system. Just add the batteries and youre ready for the starters gun. Also includes high quality aluminum display stand. Using exactly the same physics as the real yacht, you can trim the sheets and sail around a course to your hearts content! Features: uses a detachable bulb-keel that passes through the deck to make transportation easy. Reflects true racing yacht sailing efficiency. A perfect undercoat finish is covered in high quality paint that produces a hard surface with a deep lustre. Fully assembled. Just hoist the sail and insert batteries and youre ready to start looking for the next wind shift. Both jib and main sails are pre-cut and printed, with sail battens already glued in place. The hull shape delivers ideal three dimensional efficiency in response to wind and delivers excellent sailing performance. The 5 sailor figures are in the middle of the action. Each is hand painted and captures the different emotions under race pressure. The sail servo and pulley produce plenty of stroke to open up and run downwind, or winch the sails in for a close haul. Combine this with the rudder to operate it exactly like its full sized original, but without the seasickness. Kyosho has put the majesty and excitement of yacht racing at your finger tips, so why not take the helm? Specifications: length: 24 inches. Width: 5.1 Inches. Height: 44.5. Weight: 2.6 Pounds. Sail area: 21.85 Dm. Requires: 12 aa sized batteries (not included).

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Atlantio 600ARTR/RTR/Kit: Almost Ready To Run
Engine/Motor Required: MABUCHI RS-550SH Included
Length: 635mm
Propeller: Screw D34 x P0.8
Weight: 2000g
Width: 200mm
Lamborghini C1•The tunnel-type catamaran hull achieves winning results in full-sized boat racing with minimal front-end resistance and excellent planing characteristics
•Original 2-stepped hull design produces high degrees of stability and enhanced planing.Equipped with easy to start GS21MR water-cooled engine fitted with recoil starter
•Equipped with easy to start GS21MR water-cooled engine fitted with recoil starter.
•Kyosho's unique inboard/out-drive unit realizes excellent levels of drive efficiency and turning performance and prevents capsizing
•Reverse flow valve on the drainpipe uses pressure at the back of the hull to automatically drain water from the hull.
•Internal floatation structure of the hull makes it unsinkable - for total peace of mind
•Floating engine mount realizes all of the engine's original power output, but controls the level of noise
•One-piece turn & vertical fin and flaps prevent spinouts. Use a hex wrench to freely adjust angle to correct the hull's pitching posture
•Equipped with special glow-fuel resistant resin engine room
•Engine can be disassembled and removed for easy maintenance
•Precision corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings promise high efficiency throughout their long life
•Yellow ABS hull
•Waterproof radio box allows up to 3 servos to be installed

ARTR/RTR/Kit: Almost Ready To Run
Engine/Motor Required: GS21MR Water-Cooled Engine included
Length: 1,085mm(1,017mm)
Propeller: Screw D40�P1.6
Radio Required: 2 Channel
Weight: 2,900g
Width: 285mm
Sunstorm 600•Ready To Run - Just requires 8 x AA size batteries for transmitter.
•Wheel-type transmitter realizes superior control characteristics
•Equipped with a 20 turn 540-class motor fitted with water-cooling jacket that produces high power and long run times
•7.2V-1400mAh Sports Power NiCad Battery
•DC Quick Charger
•Boat Stand
•Kyosho's original deep-V hull design produces excellent control response, wave resistance and turning performance
•Dedicated electronic speed controller for boats delivers smooth non-stepped acceleration control
•Precision propeller at off-set angle produces high efficiency power and thrust
•Equipped with waterproof radio room for protection of electronic components
Approximate Speed: 22km/h
ARTR/RTR/Kit: Ready To Run
Engine/Motor Required: Water-cooled 540 class(20-turn) included
Height: 200mm
Length: 625mm
Propeller: Screw D31�P1.4
Radio Required: 2 Channel Included
Weight: 1,200g
Width: 220mm
Airstreak 500This is the Kyosho Airstreak 500 ReadySet Nitro Boat. The GP Airstreak is all about speed and fun. The powerful GXR15MR engine powers this 500mm hull like it weighs nothing. The FRP deep vee design makes for great handling and speed in all conditions not to mention great strength. The GP Airstreak comes completely assembled and ready to race. The two channel Perfex radio is mounted in the sealed radio compartment and all linkages are connected. When it comes to fun on the water in a small package, look no further than the Airstreak 500.


Completely pre-assembled high-performance hull in a ReadySet package realized at a great value price. Simply add fuel and batteries to use.
Latest design technology incorporates a stepped surface on the V-shaped hull that produces optimum contact with the water during turns.
Newly designed FRP hull. Equipped with self-sealing drain and sealed radio box.
Turn fin included as standard features for maximum turning stability.
ReadySet Contents:

Fully assembled and painted hull
KT-3DX 2-channel, 2-servo R/C system installed
GXR15MR engine pre-mounted
Plug Wrench, Fuel Bottle and Plug Heater
Polystyrene boat stand
Twinstorm 800This is the Kyosho GP Twinstorm 800 VE36 Readyset Nitro Boat. Listen for the sweet sound of the exhaust note as the hull of this pure racing boat cuts through the water’s surface. Now anyone can hold the exciting world of water motor sports in the palm of the their hands. The deep-V hull produces stable high-speed planning, wave resistance and high speed turning ability. The FRP (fiberglass) hull is lightweight, rigid, and highly durable. Precision construction and quality materials produces a high performance finish that you’ll be proud to own. Simply pull on the starter cord of the powerful GXR15MR engine and it roars to life. Then let Kyosho’s unique inboard/outdrive unit turn the Twin Storm 800’s in a tight radius at maximum speed. The boat is also completely assembled and finished with decals and color scheme. Discover how easy true racing performance is to experience with the GP Twin Storm 800.


Floating engine mount wastes none of the engine’s power. The four inch wide frame even allows a larger 21-class engine to be loaded.
Waterproof FRP radio box protects R/C electronics and is structured for 3 servos. Large capacity 400cc fuel tank delivers long run times.
Factory finished with even decals applied. Simply add fuel and batteries to be race ready.
Kyosho's expertise in hull design has produced a deep-V that shows excellent wave resistance, high speeds and stable high speed turning. Hull strength and lightweight realized through high quality FRP material.
Kyosho's original inboard/outdrive unit uses the thrust of the propeller for turning force to realize superior high-speed turning stability.
Loaded with the powerful water-cooled GXR15MR with user-friendly pull starter.
Pistol grip transmitter provides excellent control feel and response.
Rust-resistant stainless steel ball bearings used throughout the drive train.
Length: 915mm (Hull length)
Width: 240mm
Height: 195mm
Weight: 2,000g (approx.)
Engine: GXR15MR
R/C System: Perfex KT-HS 2-channel, 2-servo
Screw: D40xP1.6


Factory assembled hull complete with color scheme
KT-3HS 2-channel, 2-servo R/C system pre-installed
GXR15MR engine pre-installed
Plug Wrench
Fuel Bottle
Plug Heater
Styrene boat stand
Needed to Complete:

(12) AA-sized alkaline batteries for transmitter and receiver
(2) D-size battery for plug heater
Harbor StarR/C Haven inspectieboot met kant en klare glasvezel romp.
Schroef : tweeblads
elektro 550
Length o.a.: 760 mm
Beam o.a. : 200 mm
Height ca. 187 mm
Draught : 45 mm
Weight : 1850 g
Pinnacle 600To sailing aficionados, the 70-percent-pre-built Pinnacle offers the height of convenience, quality and control. Its hydrodynamic keel, adjustable jib and compact size offer smooth, effortless control on the smallest ponds and lakes. Hull is hand-laid fiberglass, epoxy-painted and polished for durable good looks. A wealth of scale fittings, battened nylon sails and a carbon mast add to both performance and display quality looks.

Specs: length - 23.6 in.; beam - 5.9 in.; height - 44.5 in.
Ocean 500Details make the look like an America's Cup competitor, but easy assembly makes it a boat anyone can enjoy. Over 80 percent assembled with an ABS hull that requires no building or finishing to show its glossy good looks. The polyester mast is glass reinforced for strength and two-piece for easy storage and handling. Hydrodynamic winged keel comes pre-ballasted for stability in any sea. Specs: length - 19.7 in.; beam - 4.6 in.; sail area - 163 square in.
Sea Breeze 600"Short and sweet" describes the assembly and look of Kyosho's newest beginners' yacht. Features a watertight radio compartment cast as part of a one-piece ABS hull. Weighted bulb keel and extra-generous rudder keep Seabreeze balanced under sail; durable fiber sails and bend-resistant aluminum mast adjust by radio. Removable mast, booms, keel and rudder for compact storage. Specs: length - 23.6 in.; beam - 6.3 in.; height - 44.9 in.; sail area - 311.5 square in.