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Mr. DarbyThe All New Mr. Darby Fiberglass Hull. This hull has the same dimensions as the original Dumas version, but the similarities end there. This magnificent hull is made with two layers of hand-laid-up (not choper gun applied) fiberglass. This construction method creates an extremely heavy duty hull that can easily support the 65lb ballasted weight of the model. Kort nozzles can be easily and securely screwed to the hull because of the seriously thick fiberglass. The hull also features built-in anchor wells, orientation lines for bow thruster installation, and dimples indicating drilling points for prop shafts, kort nozzles, rudders and support beams.
Length: 46"
Beam: 13"
InvaderInvader was the first in a series of 25 high-horsepower tugs built for Crowley Maritime during the 1970s, and these boats are still the mainstay of the Crowley sea-going fleet today. Powered by the largest GM diesels ever built for ocean service, these 9,000 horsepower brutes are famous for their high towing speeds and bollard pull. The 136-foot Invader class boats are, pound for pound, some of the most awesome boats working and are used for everything from ultra-large ocean tows, to tanker escorts, to harbor ship assists.

The Harbor Models semi-kit includes a 1-piece fiberglass hull with bulwarks and caprail molded on, fiberglass superstructure, plywood deck, smokestack with plenum and pilothouse, polymer pilothouse visor, as well as a cast polymer fitting set which includes doors, liferings, portholes, hatches and more. Also comes with plans and construction booklet.

Scale: 1/32
LengthL: 51"
Beam: 14"
PonoThe Pono is a modern 80' harbor tug operated by Sause Bros. Towing of Coos Bay, Oregon. Pono is powerful, highly maneuverable & suited for a variety of ship assist, barge & ocean work. She is powered by 2 Caterpillar 3512 Diesels generating a total of 2,400 horsepower & is equipped with twin 6.7' dia. props inside kort nozzles. A special feature is the installation of 4 rudders behind the nozzles.

The Harbor Models semi-kit includes a 1-piece fiberglass hull with bulwarks, caprail molded on, plywood deck and support beams, fiberglass superstructure, pilothouse, pilothouse roof & two smokestacks, as well as a cast polymer fittings set that includes doors, liferings with brackets, lifering lights, firehose rack, hatches and more. Also comes with full-size plans, photoset and construction booklet.

Scale 1/24, length 40", beam 14"
San PedroSan Pedro is a single screw harbor tug operated by Wilmington Transportation of Los Angeles/Long Beach, California. She was built in 1967 at which time she was the most powerful tug in the port of Los Angeles. In 1995, with increased competition from twin-screw and tractor type tugs, it became necessary to perform a major refit on her that included the addition of a 360 degree azumithing bow thruster, a kort nozzle, and three rudders. This transformed her into a "Combi-tug" and made her arguably the most maneuverable and useful tug in the harbor.

The Harbor Models semi-kit includes a 1-piece fiberglass hull with bulwarks molded on, plywood deck, fiberglass superstructure, smokestack, smokestack platform and pilothouse, as well as a cast polymer fitting set that includes doors, life rings with brackets, portholes, hatches, scuttles and more. Comes with full size plans, and construction booklet.

Scale: 1/32
Length 35"
Beam 10".
WestracThe 76- foot Westrac was developed and constructed by Western Towboat of Seattle, Washington for barge shifting and ship assist work. Westrac has 2400 horsepower developed through two 360 degree steerable nozzles. The large accomodations space and striking wheelhouse make a very different and attractive tug.

The Harbor Models kit consists of a fiberglass hull, with black pigment, and white pigmented fiberglass accomodations, wheelhouse, and smokestacks. Also included is a plywood deck, brass mast, half-round rubber gunwale fender, radar unit, portholes, doors, double cross bollards, cleats, navigation lights, masthead lights, searchlight, stanchions and railing, plans, photoset, and construction booklet.
Scale: 1/32
Length: 30 1/2"
Beam: 10"
RedondoRedondo is used for barge work in Long Beach, California, delivering semi-trucks and supplies to the oil islands. Power is supplied through twin fixed kort nozzles.

The Harbor Models semi-kit includes a fiberglass hull, accommodations, pilothouse, roof, exhaust stacks, plywood deck, plans, construction booklet, and miscellaneous polymer fittings.

Scale: 1/24
Length 41"
Beam 14"
Philip W.The Philip W., acquired in 1981 by Wilmington Transportation Co., is a twin-screw, 95-foot tug with a beam of 34 feet. 3500 horsepower provides 39.4 tuns of bollard pull.

Our model is 1/32 scale with a length of 36 inches and beam of 13 inches. Displacement is 35 pounds.
DeshutesThe Pacific Escort, and five other "tractor tugs" operated by Foss Maritime are known for their high maneuverability and quick response. This is accomplished by the use of Voith-Schneider cycloidal drive units, or "eggbeaters" mounted forward in the hull. These 3,000 to 4,000 horsepower tugs are highly prized by ship captain's during docking and undocking because of the flexibility that these special drive units allow. In fact, these boats are so maneuverable, that they drive as well when going astern as they do when going ahead.

This semi-kit includes a 1-piece fiberglass hull with skeg molded on, plywood deck with hatch coaming molded on, bulwarks and cap rails molded on, polymer smokestack, fiberglass superstructure, pilothouse, pilothouse roof, and fiberglass strikerplate.