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Fleetscale is een dochteronderneming van Westward Moldings Ltd en is al meer dan vijfentwintig jaar actief.
Vosper Fast Pratol Boat50"x9.25" 127cm x 23.5 cm This example was built in the 1960's. Scale: 1/24th
SGB HMS Grey Goose72.5" x 12" 184.25cm x 30.5cm Circa 1942 …Scale: 1/24th
SS Moygannon Coaster82" x 12.25" 208.25cm x 32cm Scale: 1/24th
Thames BargeA Thames sailing barge was a type of commercial sailing boat common on the River Thames in London in the 19th century. The flat-bottomed barges were perfectly adapted to the Thames Estuary, with its shallow waters and narrow rivers.

1/32nd 119cm x 30 Cm
RRS DiscoveryThe RRS Discovery was the last traditional wooden three-masted ship to be built in Britain. Designed for Antarctic research, she was launched in 1901. Her first mission was the British National Antarctic Expedition, carrying Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton on their first, successful journey to the Antarctic, known as the Discovery Expedition. She is now the centrepiece of visitor attraction in her home, Dundee.


218cm by 14cm
SS Great BritainSS Great Britain was an advanced passenger steamship designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel for the Great Western Steamship Company

1/32nd 270.5 cm x 39.5cm
HMS Starling Black Swan Class75.30" x 9.1" 191cm x 23cm 1/48th
Flower Class Corvette131.5 x 21.5cm 1/48th
HMS Cottesmore Hunt Class minesweeper49" x 8.25"

124.5cm x 21cm

1/48th Scale
RMAS Roysterer Robust Class tug44" x 9.5"

112cm by 24.5 cm

Royal Navy "Leander" Frigate62" x 6.75"

157cm x 17.3cm
Royal Navy Type 21 Frigate66.75" x 6.75"

162cm x 17.5cm

Royal Navy Type 22 Batch 3 Frigate81.5" x 8.125"

207cm x20.5

Royal Navy Type 42 Batch 1/2 Destroyer1/72nd
Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer1/72nd
Royal Navy Type 41/61 (Leopard or Salisbury Class)1/72nd
HMS Cavalier C Class Destroyer154cm x 15cm


Launched 1944, Version as circa to 1960's refit.
Royal Navy H Class Destroyer55" x 5.5" 140cm x 14cm 172nd
Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier85.5" x 13/125"

217cm x 33.3cm