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205' ATF Tug, Navajo ClassThis MASTER SERIES "Semi-Kit" should have great interest among both, naval enthusiast and tugboat lovers! The 205' Fleet Tug saw extensive duty during WW II and still is a USN & USCG workhorse. COASTAL FORCES' plans show how she looked during WW II, but we include specific notes on how to update the tug to the way she looks today. DYNAMIC's "Semi-Kit" includes the fiberglass hull, deck and superstructure, plus vac-formed lifeboats. Another suggestion, is to build this kit as a USCG WMEC Medium ­Endurance Cutter.
1/48 Scale
Length: 511/4"
Beam: 95/8"
USCG 82' Point-Class CutterOne of our finest and most popular models. This four-piece fiberglass "Semi-Kit" includes a precision molded hull, deck, cabin and cabin roof. The full-sized, detailed plans, drawn by Coastal Forces, make this USCG model a pleasure to build.
1/24 Scale
Length: 41"
Beam: 9"
Carol Moran Harbor TugThis classic is available as a "Semi-Kit" or with the hull only. The "Semi-Kit" includes the hull, fiberglass cabin, wheelhouse, wheelhouse roof, and funnel. The cabin now comes with a flanged bottom to insure watertight integrity while the deckhouse opening allows an auto/marine battery to drop right in! Two sheets of full-sized plans with templates for the "Carol Moran" are supplied.
1/24 Scale
Length: 53"
Beam: 15"
PCF 94 Swift BoatAnother in the series of Vietnam Riverine Craft released exclusively by DYNAMIC, the SWIFT saw extensive duty in Vietnam, and proved to be an invaluable tool in guarding the coastal waters there. The three-piece fiberglass "Semi-Kit" includes the hull, cabin, gun tub and full-size plans drawn by COASTAL FORCES. Also available are beautiful twin .50-cal machine guns for the forward gun tub and a .50-cal/81 mm Mortar Combination.
1/16 Scale
Length: 37"
Beam: 9 3/4"
110'WW II SubchaserCruise the local lake looking for those pesky subs with our highly accurate reproduction of a WW II Sub-chaser. Our all fiberglass "Semi-Kit" includes the hull, cabin, and main deck, with wood decking lines already molded in! The prototype of this kit was built in 1961 by the legendary STAUBITZ of BUFFALO, has logged over 30,000 miles and is still going strong.
1/32 Scale
Length: 41"
Beam: 6 1/2"
NATO Fast Attack BoatThe hard work is already done on this one! The four piece fiberglass "Semi-Kit" includes the hull, a detailed superstructure, the funnel, and a rear hatch cover. Full­ sized plans show three ways to build it:

A sleek PT. a heavily armed gun boat, or an up-to-date fast attack craft armed with EXOCET or HARPOON missiles.
1/24 Scale
Length: 53"
Beam: 12"
PBR-River Patrol BoatDYNAMIC has released the PBR-River Patrol Boat in an effort to give notice to a long overlooked and important part of U.S. Naval history, the Vietnam era's 'Brown Water Navy.' The all fiberglass "Semi-Kit" includes the hull, deck, cabin, engine hatch, and forward gun tub. Also included are a set of reduced size plans. Run with a single prop using an Astro .40 or .60 motor, or twin-screw with the Astro .15 or .25 motors. The PBR Mkll has already become a favorite with modelers around the world.
1/10 Scale
Length: 37"
Beam: 123/8"
Steam TrawlerThis hull is big! It has all the room you need to install any type of motive power you desire. Classic lines make the hull useable as a trawler, coastal steamer, or large tug. Our full-size plans and suggested fittings kit will help you along.
1/24 Scale
Length: 67"
Beam: 15"
Steam LaunchA large-scale model of a VICTORIAN era Naval 50' steam launch may be built using the plans, with templates, supplied. Perfect for a model steam engine or electric power. The hull is available with fiberglass boiler house cover and fo'c'sle molding which will increase the internal height from 5 3/4"to over 7". The hull can also be used as a gig, sailing ketch, old-time steam yacht or admiral's barge. Perfect model for someone looking for something different!
1/12 Scale
Length: 50"
Beam: 10"