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TugLength: 550mm
Beam: 220mm
Height: 390mm
Sea CruiserDickie Toys – RC Sea Cruiser – remote-controlled boat for children aged 6 and above, up to 2 km/h, 100% RTR (ready to run), with 2.4 GHz remote control

Dickie Toys – RC Sea Cruiser – full steam ahead!
RC vehicles don’t have to be cars! This remote-controlled sea cruiser brings the world of remote-controlled vehicles on board a sleek toy boat. Capable of speeds of up to 2 km/h in shallow water, the stylish yacht is a real eye-catcher. Whether in your own swimming pool, in a pond or even a stream, get ready for action-packed adventures on water! (Only suitable for freshwater).

Agile RC controls
The set comes with all necessary batteries so that you can set sail straight away. Simply place the sea cruiser on still water and start your journey! The ship is highly agile, allowing you to make daring manoeuvres on the water. On rainy days, the remote-controlled motor boat can be used in the bathtub. The motors start automatically when the boat is placed in water.

Built-in safety mechanism
Designed for small bodies of water, the RC Sea Cruiser is perfect for budding young sailors and ardent boat fans. It features a built-in safety mechanism that automatically switches off the propeller when it is not in contact with water.

2-channel 2.4 GHz remote control
Turbo speed
Speeds of up to 2 km/h
Water-resistant remote control
Water drainage function
Batteries (5x AA) included with set
34 cm long
For children aged 6 and above
Robust and water-resistant
Bella LuisaDim (L x W x H) 450 x 140 x 100 mm
Height 100 mm
Length 450 mm
Width 140 mm
Engine type Electric
Model Bella Luisa
Model version 100% RtR
Age category 6 years and over
Transmission frequency 27 MHz
Product type RC model speedboat for beginners

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